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Lots to tell you about this week, not least the announcement of our two key events for 2019 as well as the launch of our first issue of Ignite magazine in PDF / online format.

In the UK here's details of our five day August 2019 Campout in Frome. Limited early Firestarter tickets are on sale now from £60 for four night's camping and event. We have a number of glamping options - first come first served. And also we offer a quantity of free 'Campfire Bursary' tickets available to those who can't afford to pay for their ticket - apply via

Tickets for Campout 2019 via Eventbrite

We're also staging our first event in Greece - a six day gathering on the island of Paros in September, likely to feature panels, talks, cookery classes, performance art, yoga, film, games, how-to sessions, music, lighting the Homeric flame, doing a sunset cruise and more...

Tickets for Paros 2019 via Eventbrite

Our magazine is launched in PDF / online

This has been a real labour of love. Its 60 pages cover everything from recipes to music, events to ideas. Ignite 001 is our attempt to represent a cross-section of the best of what's happening in the Campfire community and beyond. We'd like to make it a regular feature so if you fancy getting involved, in contributing, editing, designing, possibly printing and spreading the word, let us know!  You can browse in full screen mode or download by clicking into the post below:

George Monbiot on Campfire

Joining Daniel Pinchbeck as regular syndicated bloggers on Campfire, we're delighted to announce George Monbiot's first column. For future-thinking and zeitgeist commentary, it's hard to find a better writer than Mr Monbiot. Here's a question to ponder: "What if we abandoned photosynthesis as the means of producing food, and released most of the world’s surface from agriculture?"

A change in the weather...

'Trouble in Paradise' was a strangely prophetic album title from Randy Newman back in 1983. What we're seeing now with climate breakdown and its effcts this week in California is a stark reminder that we're facing the most important issue of them all right now... It's time for a humanitarian revolution that addresses the root causes of ecological destruction, suggests Daniel Pinchbeck in his latest blog.

This Saturday, Extinction Rebellion is in Parliament Square between 10am and 3pm. Lots will be happening and it's all gearing up to being a significant and much needed protest. You can get involved in saving the planet even if you cant go. Read more about it here.

Stay in the loop if you're on Facebook aka Zuckerworld by joining our group, our announcements page or both! You can make sure you receive notifications if you're accessing on mobile by clicking on the right arrow on the right of the bold Campfire Convention group name, then checking 'following' and 'favourited' and then clicking 'more'...which will take you to a screen where you can check 'all posts' or just 'highlights' if you wish. For details of how to do similar stuff on desktop or laptop, it's all here in this article How to manage your Facebook newsfeed


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If you're new to Campfire - welcome!  You can find much info in the About Campfire sections on the footer of every page.

Have a great week and enjoy autumn...




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