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Campfire : One hour pledge


Now, this is isn't designed as trumpet blowing, far from it... It's another social experiment (I love setting them) just to see what I could get done using the Campfire site this morning in one hour.  I wondered how productive a small editorial team might be in a working day. We can't afford an editorial team, but that didn't stop my imagination running away with me. I decided to experiment and see what was possible in just an hour. Here are the results...

It was prompted by a breakfast read on the new look tabloid Guardian and the resultant thinking. I'd seen several articles of interest in there, which is not unusual and I wondered how productive, for example, a day's editorial work by a small team of volunteers might achieve working on topical editorial for Campfire's Bugle and Guilds, our central 'broadcasting' arms.

I decided to set myself a task and, prompted by the scheduling of an early lunch Zoom meeting with a member of our steering group, I gave myself between 11.15 and 12.15 to challenge myself and produce something of worth. 

I must admit that I did cheat a little as I didn't include the extra ten minutes thinking and planning time and the five minutes I used to start to read and copy bits of an existing article, but here's the diary of how it went.  

11.00 Sit down at desk. Write list of potential articles for the day.

I wanted to write about a fascinating article on sleep that I'd read in the Guardian magazine and whilst I have no issues with Campfire creating our own articles and other magazines and papers' output, it is important to balance that with our own original writing. And there's no shortage of that - see @Ralph Pettingill's recent piece on finding hope, Sean Prentice's wonderfully depressing and inspirational (at the same time) 'retirement from social media' polemic or new member @Dan Hurring's preview of the event in March he's hosting in which Campfire have been asked to be a media partner, @Michelle Spriddell's latest addition to her Campfire Curiosity Project 'Media or the Masses' or another new member @Jonathan Goldsmith (BeMoreYou)@'s rallying call to the new year and resolutions to kick off his 'Gathering place for therapists, coaches and change-workers' Project.

11:13 Interesting article I'd seen on Bikram yoga which I thought might be interesting to Balance Guild members so post a quick status update

11.15 So I resolve to do some quickfire stuff -  I write a resumé of the Guardian lengthy 'Clean sleep' investigation, another link to a Guardian piece that several people had mentioned to me, Johann Hari's book excerpt that covers his ideas on new perspectives on depression. 

11:19 Although published without any re-read or spell check, I must admit that I went back in to edit and tweak a little just after that.. 


11:35 Speed read the Johann Hari piece again and lift a few quotes out, write a frame for the story and google 'Blue Monday', finding John Crace's witty and incisive paragragh written this week. Also find the Financial Tribune piece that I decide to link to and borrow the header image from 

Here's my piece on his depression book  Lost Connections: Uncovering The Real Causes of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions published at 11:54 and later adsded to the Campfire Book Club Project and the Balance Guild


12:03 Quick break and catch up with Facebook feed. See @Eileen Inglis post about sustaiunable communities of the blue network and think it may also be of interest to Campfirers so quickly knock up a post by linking the URL of the video direct from Facebook and dropping into article - find another good piece on the same Facebook from the Ecowatch Facebook group on how the Californian fires have affected nature and wildlife so link to that with a quick status update 

12:10 Vow to get started on some links sets of best websites to go for particular sources - ie politics, social change, relationships, ecology, sustainability  

12:12 Publish the ecowatch film on sustainable communities as an article. Later add it to the Connect Guild feature slider. 


My Zoom meeting is pressing, so I fire off a quick music piece for the Sound Guild and Bugle, featuring the blues playlist I have been enjoying whilst doing my hour for Campfire. Google for 'Howlin Wolf' and find the wonderful photo that I borrow for header. It comes from a site that I have never heard of before and one that I think we will be giving coverage to in the future so I give them a credit.

12:17 (two minutes overtime) Publish the blues playlist article


Lots of thoughts about editorial while I'm doing all this and I really need to get more organised in getting my favoured web resources together. Next weekend I'm having a meeting with another member about editorial and how we can take it forward. If you're interested in getting involved in shaping ways of getting our own editorial policy worked out, creating more articles and features and devising ways of engaging our membership in creating a true alternative to the mainstream media news sources through our own particular brand of 'citizen journalism' then please get in touch...

I'm also aware that we have to be linking to much more than Guardian articles! 

A learning (but enjoyable) and very focused hour.

If you fancy joining me on the pledge to put in an hour a week on Campfire, you'd be very welcome!  Tutorials also available - just ask.




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