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130817 Newsletter : Campfire needs your support for our launch



On our first anniversary of the Campfire Convention 001.UK, it's finally time to allow the Campfire spark to ignite as we close the beta phase of our testing and open the site for membership which is scheduled to happen on September 1st.

Would you like to put yourself forward for a small team of around 30 people to co-steward the Campfire launch to make sure there is a good level of activity?  

We're inviting key members of the community to be Flagbearers.

What we need :

You to post daily on your wall and participate in chat in the forum (and generally on site) for the next month
To create one or two posts a week
To share any articles you might like or enjoy plus the key sign-up pages for membership to any social media you might use

(That’s a probably time commitment of 1-2 hours minimum a week, but if you can't do this daily but can still pop on regularly, then please step up)

In return :

A free life membership status for the Campfire online community.

It’s that simple…

Sofa sessions planned for the forum

My old friend and new Campfire member @Lizzie Jackson and I spent a day brainstorming some ideas for the forum on Friday and Lizzie came up with a plan for a FORUM ’SOFA SESSION’ ideally to be staged once a week. 

Five key topics would be suggested for discussion - some fun, some more serious and invite a guest to the sofa each week - people or organisations who are doing interesting things, creating new initiatives, bucking the norm, thinking differently, changing stuff, bringing people together. 

We’d look to nominate topics and guests in advance. 

Next Saturday morning (17th) is proposed for the first session, alternatively a weekday evening may work. Visit this forum space, set up to talk about the SOFA sessions and let us know your thoughts.

I hope you can join us in being active for this crucial phase of Campfire’s launch. 

We are in discussions with a couple of venues for a potential London weekend event and launch party over November 4-5th weekend.. I hope to be able to confirm something soon.

We welcome any thoughts you might have on those ideas... 

Once again, thanks to those who have put in time, energy and enthusiasm to get us to where we are now, almost ready to launch.




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