Discover Campfire Guilds.

The Campfire gathering is a great leveller, a perfect space for song, for story, for creative sparks. A place where you find yourself inexplicably linked to others through shared experience and a reminder that we all share a common humanity. "Light a campfire and everyone's a storyteller" John Geddes

Creative Guilds.

Once the creative spirit stirs, it brings about a shift in consciousness. It starts in the imagination, unlocking a desire to push the boundaries, to innovate, to explore new ways and new frames of reference; it turns dreams into reality. "Creative people are committed to risk. The creative person always walks two steps into the darkness. Everybody can see what's in the light... the real heroes delve in the dark.” Steve Dunleavy


Fine art, Street Art, Crafts, Design


Music technology, Radio, Festivals & gigs, Music


Photography, TV, Digital, Film


Dance, Theatre, Acting, Comedy


Reading, Storytelling, Writing, Language, Publishing

Leisure Guilds.

An open mind, a curiosity, a sense of self, a playful heart, a refining of taste and preference, a slowing of time in order to marvel at the wonders of the world around us. "The best intelligence test is what we do with our leisure" Laurence J. Peter


Hiking, Holidays, Nature, Travel, Adventure, Camping


Pets, Property, Sustainability, Gardening, Interiors


Sports, Games, Hobbies


Cookery, Food & drink


Fashion, Shopping

Tools for Life

In order to understand and get the most from life, we need to be tooled up - about politics, technology, economics, mental and physical health, leading to both a sense of self-awareness of the way we relate to others around us and the fragile ecosystem in which we live.


News, Politics, Ideas & philosophy, Campaigning, Education


Internet, Science, Devices, Gaming


Fitness, Health, Lifestyle, Spirituality, Body & Soul, Environment


Sexuality, Family, Relationships


Money saving, Economics, Business, Jobs