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Feb 2017

Koral Society and Square Peg at Wild Hare Club, Hereford

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The Wild Hare Club returns to De Koffie Pot for the first time in 2017 with a very special show featuring the acoustic folk beauty of Koral Society. The group is composed of a trio of top-notch musicians - Caroline Trettine (guitar and vocals), Mosi Conde (kora and vocals) and Alison Rayner (double bass) - who are launching their debut album Waters Wide with a national tour of selective club venues.

It is hoped that there will also be a workshop / Q and A session prior to the evening show.

Talking to Caroline, I soon discovered that she is one of the slew of great musicians who has passed through the ranks of Bristol’s Blue Aeroplanes, an art-rock band who I’ve long held a candle for and who have just released their umpteenth album to great reviews. Koral Society however is a very different proposition to the Bristol beatniks.

African kora player, Mosi Conde, not only adds beautiful melodic flourishes and subtle African rhythms to Caroline’s guitar-led songs but also sings. Together these two duet while all the time there is the subtle underpinning of Alison Rayner’s double bass. Alison is a highly-accomplished player, Caroline sings from the heart. Be prepared to be quietly blown away.

The kora a West African harp with 21 strings built from a large calabash which cut in half and covered with cow skin to make a resonator with a long hardwood neck. The strings run in two divided ranks over a notched bridge making it a double harp. It is in my opinion one of the most beautiful sounding instruments in the world. Mosi Conde, like everybody in his family in Conakry (Guinea) is a griot, that is to say he is one of a long line of musicians who serve as the traditional historians, genealogists and storytellers for their communities and who pass their skills and knowledge on the next generation. You can read more about his story as recounted to BBC Radio 3’s World on Your Street.



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Debbie Golt

UP!D8 - thank you for posting thisPete - got a bit swamped in stuff myself - it will be a brilliant evening . No workshop this time around tho so just the exciting evening! Direct result of meeting Richard and Stas at campfire! Hope to see some of you there - looking forward to it all ;)


Pete Lawrence

Power in those sparks....

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