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May 2018

Frome Beacon : Sunday Experience #1

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Campfire’s newly-formed Frome Beacon is proposing a monthly Sunday gathering to energise, engage and inspire Frome’s vibrant community.

The first such event scheduled for Sunday May 13th at Rye Bakery follows up the Beacon's inaugural meeting and offers a Sunday experience that spans live music, speakers and thinkshops and singing as well as an opportunity to get together with others and work out how we can find our voice, individually and collectively.

Its aims are to bring people together joyfully and to create practical calls to action – so people leave with things to do with others in their community.

We start with live music - the wonderful Frome trio Borrowed Light - then some introductions, some playful exercises to engage the whole room.

A speaker delivers a topic for discussion: e.g. How To Feed Positive News with Campfire partner Positive TV and other, followed by Q&A on this topic.

Next, people attend one of six ‘Campfire How To sessions’ (possibly in the garden if the weather permits it). These sessions range from tools for life enhancement and activism [How to go plastic-free, How to listen] to more playful topics [How to talk gibberish, How to make up a song, How to massage a hand].

After our singing session involving circle singing, chanting and song, led by Qi Gong Teacher/Sound Practitioner/ Creative Facilitator and Songstress Tallulah Rendall, we’ll eat together.

A summing-up session after the meal will highlight what’s been generated in the session before live music and a DJ set inside, and a (weather-dependent) social outside.

We have a communal eating time set aside. Rye Bakery will be providing hot food and salad for dinner catering (8pm - not included in the ticket price), attendees will be able to order teas, coffee, snacks and pastries from you in the afternoon. A BYI bar (subject to £1 corkage charge) will run from dinner time.

Campfire events are energising and inspiring, with a lightness of touch and plenty of fun, which sits alongside their primary objective: to help make the world a better place. 

Tickets will go on sale on Saturday April 14th.


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Peter Macfadyen

Sadly, Annabelle and i will be in Denmark - playing politics with the great Danes. I hope it goes really well!


Pete Lawrence

Thanks @Peter Macfadyen Hope Denmark is a fun and rewarding trip for you both.

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