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Sep 2017

Campfire at The Good Life Experience

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Saturday afternoon Campfire Conversations are confirmed for Cerys Matthews' Good Life Experience festival in north Wales on Saturday September 16th. The event runs over three days from Friday 15th - Sunday 17th and features a vast and varied line up of music, art, crafts, cooking sessions and speakers including Big Chill favourite Norman Jay, Michael Rosen, Trembling Bells, Alasdair Roberts, Caught By The River, Michael Chapman and Will Pound and Eddy Jay, stars of last year's Convention. 

Pete Lawrence was interviewed on Cerys' popular BBC 6 show last summer - an interview that received some fanatsic feedback and also confirmed that Cerys' show is much loved by Campfire members. 

The Good Life press release reads as follows :

Campfire Convention is a new social network and community.

The concept has been devised and is led by social entrepreneur Pete Lawrence, the founder of Cooking Vinyl record label and Big Chill festivals. The Big Chill was well known for its thriving and proactive online community before the current mainstream social networks were established.

The Campfire Convention vision is to provide an environment where members can facilitate personal and social change, free of many of the restrictions and machinations associated with commercial interests.

Campfire is about collaboration. The web community aims, like a traditional campfire gathering, to encourage members to tell their story, celebrate song, discuss issues of the day, explore new possibilities, start a movement, showcase work and ideas, empower local initiatives and gatherings via Campfire Beacons, formulate campaign ideas, chase dreams or find out what’s going on in the world.

The Campfire is a space that taps into the essence of how we communicate with each other, fostering a culture of listening to others’ ideas and points of view, a spirit of open-mindedness and a duty to work for the good of all, at a time when society is so fractured and polarised. When the community prospers, we all prosper and share the fruits of our successes.

Pete will extend a warm welcome around the Campfire circle, here at The Good LIfe Experience on Saturday afternoon 2-6pm. 

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Jeremy Pearce

Cerys ed up in North Wales Hard Core X


Irene Knox

Sounds good. What about accommodation? Is it Camping only? Any details regarding Travel Connections / Routes? Also Tickets & Prices etc?


Irene Knox
Seems info reg Line Up & ? Tickets etc on the above but any more details reg travel links & accom etc?


Pete Lawrence

Yes, it's all there on their website. Try the 'info' pages @Irene Knox

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