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Oct 2016

Campfire Conversation in Whitby, Yorkshire

Organised by Pete Lawrence and 0 collaborators
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The Whitby Musicport Campfire Conversation with Pete Lawrence is scheduled for 6pm to 8pm, on the North Sea Stage

Pete’s vision and wide open musical ears have made a huge impact over the past 30 years. He founded the Cooking Vinyl label in the 80’s and released albums by a wonderful cross section artists including The Oysterband, Mekons, Zimbabwe’s Four Brothers and The Cowboy Junkies as well as introducing Michelle Shocked to the world with the hugely successful “Campfire Tapes”. Fast forward to the mid-90’s and Pete and his partner created The Big Chill a club, music, festival and lifestyle concept that became the zeitgeist of it’s time before finally being consumed by it’s own success after Pete left in 2007. Having taken stock and the time to re-think his priorities this year has seen Pete launch a radical new idea “Campfire Convention - an evolutionary platform for creative thinkers, funded and shaped by its own members”.  Come and join Pete in conversation and explore the possibilities for change and development with him using this groundbreaking new concept.

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