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Nov 2017
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Campfire Convention 002.UK : London

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Campfire holds its first London event at the Union Chapel, historically known as a venue of non-conformist values to celebrate the official launch of our online network.

We are aiming for two keynotes speeches and six panels to be held in two spaces - the Upper and Lower Halls, as well as lunch and refreshments included in the ticket price.

A separate evening social is happening in another venue, The Hemingford Arms, a short walk from Highbury Corner where the daytime event is being held. See ticket options for very limited booking (above).

Lunch will feature veggie and vegan options - consisting of homemade quiche and coleslaw and a selection of sandwiches with fruit, or crisps, as well as tea and coffee throughout the day included in the ticket price.

The Margins Project provides the catering at Union Chapel - a charity that works with those experiencing homelessness, crisis or isolation in Islington. They run two weekly drop-ins providing food, showers and advice on benefits and housing and also run a winter night shelter for up to 15 guests. They offer support groups such as art, a job club and therapy and run a kitchen training programme, offering paid employment to 12 formerly marginalised trainees over the course of the year. They prepare and serve the food for the concert goers and daytime hirers at Union Chapel. After the programme they transition the trainees into further training or employment.

Several of us are finalising the panels as we speak and hope to publish a schedule next week, but as a preview, I can reveal that subjects will include : 

  • Sustainable communities (check one of many excellent articles by Sally Hughes for inspiration).
  • Reimagining politics. (we had a very successful first forum sofa session led by Indra Adnan last week).   
  • How we live and work together : values, co-housing and co-working initiatives, adapting to society's future needs and requirements.
  • The politics of food - what choices we have, the way the food industry works and the backstory to the food production process.
  • New designs for education - we bring together some progressive thinkers and doers.
  • Campfire’s next year - starting Beacons, Campfire Conversations and other events, the next phase of our technical development and how our Kudos scheme aims to reward members for input and engagement.

Making new best friends is essentially at the heart of the Campfire experience and I’m looking forward to seeing more sparks created by our new and existing members meeting and up and exchanging thoughts and ideas. The social side of Campfire is often where the real talking gets done, so with that in mind, I have found a great venue which is 0.5 miles away (11 minutes walk) for an evening Campfire Convivial. It’s the function room at Hemingford Arms and tickets are available now in even more limited quantity (50 only - strictly first come first served). The event ticket will include a free bar for the earliest arrivals. 

Tickets are strictly limited - available through this site. See 'Purchase Tickets' link above

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Union Chapel

56 Attending




Ralph Pettingill

Looking forward to it..


Jeremy Pearce

Be good catching up again Ralph


Ralph Pettingill

Deffo! Just had a fun experience today: met Eileen Ingliss, as I was in Edinburgh- we'd only met online so far. I love this project, it's fascinating me...! BTW I'm going to put a call out for some sofa surfing for the London meeting- more fun (if folk have space) than staying in some B&B...


Ralph Pettingill

Are tickets on sale Tuesday 5th or Wednesday 6th..? @Pete Lawrence


Mia Manners

I'd love to get involved...discuss big food big skunk big issues around fast mass destruction on everything
Aligned to self medicating low self esteem systems of brokenness v greed driven top down sociopathics.


Mark Robbins

An absolutely ace concept...


Mark Robbins

Attempting to buy tickets today...


Pete Lawrence

They should be on sale later today, @Mark Robbins


Elizabeth Carter

So sorry I can't make it but know I will enjoy reading about it!


Mario Menti

Unfortunately I'm abroad that week... :(


Adrian Legg

Alas, I will be pursuing essential frog skins in the USA., pickin'n'grinnin' and flogging a new CD.


Kimm Fearnley

@Cate Baker (Cate-Baker)@ @Tanya Ring and Clare Ralls all have our tickets. X


Ralph Pettingill

I'll be travelling down from Newcastle and I'd much rather couch surf in London for the Saturday night of the convention- is this the best place to put out a call to Campfire friends in London?


Pete Lawrence

Or the Facebook group, @Ralph Pettingill ?


Ralph Pettingill

All sorted, thanks to @Jeremy Pearce ...

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