More Testimonials : Pete Lawrence and Campfire Convention


“ A meeting of minds, a sharing of talents and knowledge and a energy and desire for change for common good. Highly motivating, levelling and inspiring.” Kimm Fearnley, Campfire Bournemouth Beacon

I see the complete collapse of conventional politics and I'm coming to look for a place where people are starting to think about different and bigger questions. It's nice to be with a group of people who are thinking and talking about those things and from very unusual perspectives, some perspectives that I haven't heard before. I've met a lot of people through Campfire who are doing specific and very exciting projects that really are to do with re-thinking democracy.” Brian Eno, musician, artist, activist

A festival, a celebration of sharing, learning and freeing ourselves to dare to think that collectively we can dream and action a better future.” Sarah Rust, Self employed SRK Logic, Business Launchpad.

“Pete's ability to predict our cultural and media future were brilliantly manifested by the success of the Big Chill. It is a pleasure to recognise him as the inventor of such a major movement as the chill out scene. His cultural impact has crossed all international borders and is still in style worldwide. Over the years I've always looked to Pete for his profound knowledge of all things cool and elegant. His fan base of tastemakers also reflects his quiet sense of integrity. Pete has always led the way, and many of us joyously follow him. He is a genuine visionary who has had a colossal impact on us all.” Erica Ruben, Former Executive Producer of Central Park Summer Stage, New York.

"The mindset is less about 'what service do we get for our money, it's more about what we can build co-operatively and what that will costs us’ And to be able to build not just a chat wall but somewhere where work and hobbies can be portfolio’d, where collaborations can be sparked, where good writing and interesting Projects can be showcased and recognised.  Caroline Trettine, Business analyst, Conceptualist, Entrepreneur, Musician

"Pete Lawrence is one of those rare movers and shakers around music, culture and politics who keeps turning up in interesting places with new sounds, shifts and ideas that wind up entering the body politic and changing the way people feel and hear things. Plus he always plays good music."  Mark Cooper, Head of Music, BBC

“Pete is a natural force and I await his next move with excitement.” Matt Black, Techno geek and co-founder of Ninja Tune and Coldcut. 

"I’ve known Pete Lawrence since the mid-1980s and have always wondered just how he keeps so ahead of the game, from Cooking Vinyl and world music discoveries, through to all the extraordinary Big Chill events and festival. There seems little doubt he’ll keep on doing it." Mark Ellingham, founder of Rough Guides and owner of Sort Of Books.

“I would use Campfire as a forum for promoting, and improving, my work in the field of creative and critical education: to have an entire network of people from different creative disciplines would be invaluable for getting feedback, collaborating on projects and sharing knowledge and skills. This could be an entirely new way of working, based on sharing talent, rather than guarding it selfishly. Much as open source software helps spread technology, and TED spreads ideas, Campfire can create meaningful social network(s) that are far richer and more productive than the superficial selfies and status updates of current social media. I think it would become a genuine forum for promoting creativity of all kinds, pooling our talents and becoming 'more than the sum of our parts”  Lisa Sollett, teacher and social activist

“Pete is a natural born connector of people far and wide – never following, always leading from the alternative frontline. I look forward to what Pete's next new exciting venture has in store for us.”
 Danny Rampling, global DJ and UK club scene guru 

“A huge part of society pines for the magic that concepts like The Big Chill provided. I liken it to nourishment and a sense of belonging. Social media is currently lacking the love factor and Campfire could be a much-needed examplar of positivity and wholesome community.” Mark Offord, Firebrand Creative graphic design and branding

“It’s very clear that it is a different, more mature model of social networking” Nadine Mellor, New content editor i-escape.com 

“I would use Campfire for fun, support, good stuff, face to face things, creative, interesting, forward- thinking, ethical, green, doing good for people who need a hand with projects, linking for mutual benefit.” Lizzie Jackson, Faculty of Media and communications, Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication 

"The Big Chill was such a fantastic festival and definitely opened my eyes to more of the possibilities of creating a multi layered arts event rather than just a bog standard festival. Pete has always been a very level headed artist with a unique way of curating events and I can’t wait to see what he’s cooking up next” Rob Da Bank, Founder of Bestival

“Pete Lawrence has a knack for being just a few key steps ahead of everyone else. When he started Cooking Vinyl, he didn't follow trends but anticipated them. The Big Chill set the stage for what became an international ‘chill out’ music movement that lasts to this day. Along with all this is an ethic that works towards collaboration, bringing people together and networking. I am not alone in looking keenly forward to what’s coming next..” Gerald Seligman, Director of WOMEX 2006-9 and advisor to the UNESCO Creative Cities initiative. 

“Campfire is one of the most exciting ideas to emerge in recent times. A space populated by engaged, like minds sharing for the joy of thinking and sharing, free from the clutter and detritus of 'social media' sites. A thrilling proposition. It has the potential to develop a whole new digital social dynamic, where Guilds, guides and 'interactors' inform, collaborate with and inspire their community. Taking the very best aspects of journalism, community, shared interests and intellectual enthusiasm and aligning that with a joy in the wonderful weirdness that surrounds us in these exceptional times. Campfire feels like Freedom, the freedom to BE and think and play and participate. I really can't wait for it to begin!”  Colin Consterdine, writer, musician, thinker and "inveterate fiddler"

“A meeting of minds. A chance to join the conversation. An opportunity to learn. A place for fun, where you will make new friends.” James Rock, photographer

"I have enjoyed the amazing privilege of having deejayed at some the world's finest music festivals over the years, but none was closer to my heart than the UK's Big Chill and the man who was responsible for first introducing me to the concept of 'chilling' to great live music and DJs in the beautiful English countryside was none other than the visionary Pete Lawrence. It was Pete's quiet, self effacing charm when we first met all those years ago (1994) backstage at a tiny boutique jazz festival on Sydney's infamous Bondi Beach that convinced me I should take up his invitation to join a fledgling Big Chill line-up the following summer back in the UK at Larmer Tree's ‘Enchanted Garden’. The rest, as they say is history. I have always found Pete a real pleasure to work with - always very accommodating and very professional in all aspects of our working relationship. I can't praise his organisational skills highly enough. Pete really IS the genuine article!" Norman Jay MBE, DJ

'Pete Lawrence is a legend. In addition to his not inconsiderable DJing & producer skills, he has a gift for bringing together lovely people and creating something really special'  Mr Scruff, DJ and tea magnate.