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Please join Campfire as a full member and 'pay what you feel' to help support the formation of a new community with many exciting possibilities. You'll be joining a fast-growing community of active people who are shaping the future together. With them you'll be able to use the campfire events, community Projects, Beacons, Guilds, and news Bugle to make tangible changes in the UK and beyond. 

Creating a new type of networking and working towards social change in difficult times requires hard work. We need your support to move forwards together. You can read our Founder, @Pete Lawrence's article on the 'Pay What You Feel' membership model here. Campfire rejects advertising and also plans to stage events worldwide, bringing people together to work towards social change. By supporting our ethos and becoming a member, you can play a vital part in keeping the Campfire flame burning. 

On sign up you'll get immediate access to people with diverse interests who want to help you achieve your goals or who may want to work with you on your project.

“The mindset is less about 'what service do we get for our money, it's more about what we can build co-operatively and what that will costs us’ And to be able to build not just a chat wall but somewhere where work and hobbies can be portfolio’d, where collaborations can be sparked, where good writing and interesting Projects can be showcased and recognised”   Pete Lawrence, Founder and Firestarter

By becoming a member of Campfire you help us take our vision to the next level and maintain our development programme. 

It's about changing the mindset from what we get to what we can give. What we can contribute and build as an alternative. 

Do I have some views and opinions, can I enhance the debate, do I have some wisdom to share with others? 

Campfire will be funded by membership, not external businesses and organisations. It will be financially self-supporting.

  • Your participation and interaction will not be determined by manipulative algorithms.
  • We will not track or sell your data beyond legal requirements.
  • Any major investment will be sought through crowdfunding as the preferred option.
  • Campfire will be an open and transparent organisation.

Your membership / donation will be used only to maintain the Campfire circle and its members. Our aim is to work together to shape the future and achieve some extraordinary things.

"This is the start of something big. It will involve engagement: not just tweets and likes and swipes, but thoughtful and creative social and political action too. It will involve realising that some things we’ve taken for granted - some semblance of truth in reporting, for example - can no longer be expected for free. If we want good reporting and good analysis, we’ll have to pay for it. That means MONEY: direct financial support for the publications and websites struggling to tell the non-corporate, non-establishment side of the story.”

Brian Eno, Campfire patron, musician, activist, inventor

Social networking is 

  •  - Evolving fast : There is a rapidly growing desire for less throwaway, more considered posts with potential to establish new, fresh journalistic voices.
  •  - Democratising news and politics. Young voices look increasingly to social media for their connections and news integrity now, over mainstream media outlets.
  •  - In need of a reality check. Looking for face-to-face connections.
  •  - Totally in hands of mega-corporations, geared towards maximising shareholders profits. More independent, community-based alternatives are a vitally important future option.
  •  - Often cynical and in a bubble. If needs a fresh injection of ‘love-factor’.


Campfire's membership model is based around an exchange - members coming together to create a community of common benefit for the good of all. Members can contribute and benefit. To make this work, the mindset has to be "together we can create something magical" not "what can I get out of this?"

Campfire offers :

  • A community of like-minded people with an amazing skills set, wisdom and life experience.
  • Member Portfolio, Project collaboration and Guilds-based common interests.
  • Real life events - Priority invites to Campfire Beacon Conversations all over the UK (and beyond), Conventions and Circle meetings.
  • Strictly no advertising and data mining.
  • A Karma Scheme that rewards input (proposed)
  • A flexible ‘pay what you feel’ membership blueprint.
  • An opportunity to get involved in the running of Campfire via Circle teams


Members offer :

  • Time and energy.
  • Expertise and skills, whether organisational, writing, photography, video production, event co-ordination...
  • Events initiatives.
  • A mindset of sharing and mutual benefit.
  • Pay as you feel input, to sustain the community and its development. 


If you really can't afford any membership but still want to be an active contributor, please email and state your case. We can and do make exceptions!

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