The Path Ahead


A: Organisation

Campfire needs to grow at its own rate without commercial pressures.

At the same time, Campfire needs funding to move forward, without selling out. It must remain free of shareholder profit based ideology, rooted in community benefit with a remit to empower its own members. This membership base will grow of its own accord. The right people will find it at the right time.

Ongoing thinking on shape and ideology :

1 Campfire is a social experiment. It is exploring new territory. It must build its model around the active participation of its members who believe in the widest vision for what it can achieve (see George Monbiot section ‘Radical Trust’ in Ch9 of ‘Out of The Wreckage’).

Campfire depends on members to step up and become activists. Campfire can achieve widespread and evolutionary change, socially, politically, economically - to bring people together to make the world a better place.

2 Campfire is working to develop a progressive membership model

3 Campfire is developing a constitution to safeguard its core principles and company ethos. Within that constitution, it must enshrine a prevention of sale, no takeovers, of majority shareholding for profit, of any relationship to war and weapons, it should define its ecological stance. Some areas are protected and sacred.

4 Campfire has the potential to be at the vanguard of a new model for post-capitalist enterprise. Already we are being approached by other companies for usage of our wording of its privacy, Ts and Cs, ethos. Campfire can trailblaze here. We must not be afraid to break the rules, to find new models.

5 We promote open source values, aiming for resource building for the common good.

6 We are looking at setting up Campfire as a CiC. 

7 It is important to remain ad and sponsorship free. Partnerships can happen but favouritism should be avoided. Product or idea endorsement is by recommendation and building a consensus

8 The Kudos scheme should be at the core of our model. Input and engagement is rewarded directly by profit share (once the company is in profit)

9 We need teams to run Campfire. The proposed Circles idea (post Nov 2016 meeting) could be a good model for organising into teams. We need to discuss the decision-making process, how budgets are allocated, how losses are funded, how we maintain transparency and how we feedback and who to. Much of this should be conceptualised to work on the Campfire site. We should prioritise building the site to do everything we all want it to do.