Join us around the Campfire



The Campfire is a moveable feast.

As well as this online social network platform,  gathering face-to-face is equally important.

Campfire has been staging events around the UK since 2016 and is looking for active partners overseas to stage different types of gatherings - Conventions, Circles and Beacons events.

Our first Campfire Convention was staged over the weekend of August 12-14 2016 in the foothills of The Black Mountains, Herefordshire, a weekend of panels, speakers, thinkshops, DJs, live music and of course our Campfire.

Our second Campfire Convention : Reimagining Our World was held in London on November 4th 2017

We launched ideas around how we might build a democratic festival in 2018 here. We released two Firecasts featuring members reactions after the 2018 pilot event here.

In August 2019 we staged our first a 5 day Campout just outside Frome in Somerset and we planned to repeat it in 2020 but have been prevented by the unexpected Covid19 lockdown.  The 5 day journey includes speakers, ‘how to’ sessions, transformative workshops, live music, DJs, art, singing, cookery, alternative therapies, foraging, yoga and wellbeing. 

We are working to develop a radical new model for festival culture based around zero carbon and community.

We are also looking to develop our online gatherings to create a new model.

We promote open space format around our fires, so if you have your own project or community and would like to get involved, as a volunteer or curator of some space around the campfire, please get in touch via

We encourage you to join a local Beacon if there is one near you - or set up your own.

Campfire Circles are team meetings which happen several times a year. If you would like to join one of our teams here is an article on how we're aiming to organise.

Campfire Conversations have been taking place all over the UK, in venues ranging from parks, gardens and pub function rooms to galleries, allotments and churches. They range from a three hour open-ended conversation about any number of local and topical issues to overnight camping with live music, poetry, DJs, food and drink. We are aiming to do future Conversation events under the umbrella of our Campfire Beacons - now set up so that local area groups can form and put together their own initiatives and events. We also started to put on Trailblazer weekends in 2019.