Ethos and Values

Campfire Convention Ethos & Values

Our Luminous Vision, What lights us up, Our Spirit, Firing up our Values and a Blueprint for a new society

Campfire is a community platform geared towards empowering its member base. Members and Guiding Lights offer their skills and gifts on a voluntary basis.

Our Luminous Vision for Campfire

The intention is that this framework commitment is a continuous rolling wave of expression for our vision and what we believe in and stand for. Actually, it is more than a Luminous Vision. It is a murmuration. Moving, dancing, shapeshifting and interconnecting with a unique intelligence, the flexibility of spontaneity, clarity of purpose and cohesion. 

This is a time for a new way of being. A new paradigm template model is also giving birth to a new language, new forms of expression. 

We intend to:

  • Bring light and warmth to each other and the wider community. 
  • Harness and honour the beneficial, benevolent, transformative aspects of the primal power, magical potential, wisdom and beauty of our planet through ritual, ceremony and celebration. 
  • Arouse our own inner fire; spark and ignite passion, creativity, innovation, collaboration and create social change.
  • We want our members to be the best versions of themselves they can be as self-empowered human beings. 


Develop resilience and a range of tools to address the challenges of the present day and to invite creative solutions – for example, Beacons to connect members at a local level; Projects to bring members together around a common interest or cause;  The Flame to set a new conscious media agenda fit for our evolving world and the Lighthouse for Learning to gather and share knowledge and hone a broad range of essential skills and experiences.

Create a new take on the extended family, one that transforms our society into one that is compassionate, inclusive and more equal, offering a mutual support network that values our uniqueness and our differences. 

Invite the invisible flame of connection between us and all of life, we want to leave the world a better and more beautiful place through inspired action.

What lights us up

Campfire Convention is a growing, unity-conscious community of enthusiastic, open hearted people, who believe that we can work together to shape a more loving, expansive world motivated by truth, compassion, freedom, service, peace and goodwill. 

We’re creating a high vibe online social network alongside real life, in-person gatherings to bring members together, building connections, enabling our members to share their gifts, ideas and initiatives, and to facilitate a platform that is well equipped to promote social change and a new way of being in synergistic partnership with our living, breathing planet. We are creating a truly unique and innovative co-operative that is totally independent of political affiliations and commercial imperatives.

Campfire Convention’s path will be co-created as we seed a new consciousness; planting seeds through word-of-mouth, signs and synchronicities. We will honour our relationship to the living wisdom and cycles of nature, catalysing the ignition of hopes and intentions with inspired action.

The Spirit of Campfire

Just like fire, we all need boundaries.

We will:

  • Tend and honour each other by being respectful of the purpose behind posts and discussions. Members will gain kudos in the community by being recognised for their contributions as active and regular participants, putting service to community above self-promotion.
  • Choose to be independent from commercial imperatives, such as selling our personal data or funding our activities through advertisements/sponsorship from organisations or individuals that do not align themselves with our values and intentions.
  • Rigorously checking our information and news sources, being conscious with our framing and context of anything we share is important to maintain a sense of balance and open debate.
  • Create a safe space for sharing, collaborating, building a living library, tools for evolution and a forum for expression of differing opinions.
  • Promote non-violent communication and aim to be free from hate speech and abuse through encouragement of active and deep listening, non-judgemental appreciation of perspectives founded upon our shared humanity. We honour, encourage and celebrate everyone’s unique gifts and successes, recognising that learning from mistakes and gaining new insights are equally valid.
  • Create the time and space to listen deeply to the human story, be curious and ask good questions. We will embrace the art of conversation and through it, create a fertile ground for solutions to organically arise, so that people feel heard, seen and met. 
  • Encourage a conscious approach to intellectual property, Copyright and the Commons, acknowledging the legitimate right of those who create to make a living from their gifts, while encouraging creators to work together and share their ideas.
  • Blend online activities with human-to-human connections in order to change the world for the better. This community is trailblazing inspired action and conscious activism such as new ways of learning, rites of passage, direct democracy (People’s Assemblies).


Firing up our Values

Our values are a way of expressing the ethos and commitments at the sacred heart of Campfire. 

This is an invitation to get a felt sense of how these values resonate and align with you too.

Our values are:

  • Truth
  • Courage 
  • Presence
  • Congruence
  • Generosity
  • Kindness
  • Gratitude
  • Abundance
  • Heartfulness 
  • Conscious alignment
  • Transparency
  • Tenacity
  • Authenticity 
  • Integrity
  • Humility
  • Freedom
  • Fairness
  • Dignity
  • Respect
  • Humour
  • Empathy
  • Love
  • Pragmatism
  • Equanimity


With these values in mind, alongside wisdom and discernment, we are aiming to model a design for a new society.  This is the way, at Campfire Convention, we want our world to be:

Blueprint for a new Society – together we weave a new tapestry

1. People-powered. An agile, transformative society run by all, grounded in common sense and integrity, embracing creative solutions by challenging norms that no longer serve us. We can imagine how our world could work for the good of all with love, light and compassion at its core and where we honour all future generations. 

2. Independent. Non-aligned to existing party politics. Sovereignty and agency sit at the heart of a society designed to encourage the freedom to explore new ways of organising, leading and decision making, which begin at home and ripple out to the community. 

3. Local. Respect for democracy at grass roots level, empowered communities working within a boundless interconnected framework.

4. In Service. Working for the highest good of all, creating and nurturing a participatory environment where people feel enabled to make a difference through engagement. A safe society where the peaceful become powerful and the powerful become peaceful. 

5. Humanistic. A more interconnected, caring, empathic society (moving away from the dross of materialism and service-to-self as primary drivers) that promotes wellbeing and celebrates beauty in all its forms. We are earth’s protectors, custodians and stewards of the human and non-human kingdoms as we work for peace through transparency, humility and kindness.

6. In Synthesis. New models, blending complementary skills and knowledge, synergistically connecting the concepts of paying it forward and the gift economy, enabling the sharing of collective wealth to entire communities rather than individuals.  Rupturing the outmoded hierarchical thinking that controls our planet, replacing it with a higher model based around synthesis.

7. Diverse. Joining the dots and respecting the differences, consciously bringing to the campfire a range of viewpoints and stories. Learning from our own and others’ experiences, respecting elderhood, our ancestors and reclaiming inter-generational wisdom and insight.

8. Networked. A self-sufficient networked community that shines a light on technology as a potential force for good, enabling cross-cultural exchange and learning, supporting creative commons and open source approaches.

9. Resourceful. Building tools for a resilient, regenerative, learning society to access collective wisdom, skills, practices and information to implement when needed. Sharing love towards those who invest in the community through service (our Karma scheme).

10. Fun and Playful. We want a society where emotional wellbeing is paramount.  We sing and dance with the ebb and flow of life. People move for the sheer joy of it. We have fun with what delights us and relish coming from that place of our unique gifts and where ‘work’ can be ‘play’.