About Campfire

About Campfire


Welcome to Campfire Convention.  After many months spent building the site, we have soft-launched our social network online, which covers a wide range of interests from wellness to the arts, self-development to ecology.

We are building a member-led online social network, free of advertising and algorithms, already putting on regular face-to-face events. We believe that we have potential to evolve the way we do social networking as well as stepping up and actively facilitating change at local level.

The Campfire concept has been devised and is led by social entrepreneur @Pete Lawrence, the founder of the successful Cooking Vinyl record label and Big Chill festivals. The Big Chill was well known for its thriving and proactive online community before the current mainstream social networks were established.

Pete says "What are we aiming for? Obviously a thriving community, a vibrant website and exciting events, but our vision can extend a lot wider. We can play our part in social change, in helping create a fairer society and in empowering our own membership, both individually and collectively by providing an environment where ideas can lead to inspiration, debate can lead to determination, co-creativity can lead to collaboration and realisation, which in turn can lead to recognition, confidence and hopefully financial rewards too."

We encourage you to join fellow members of the Campfire network where you can create your own Profile, showcase your creative activities, join common interest Guilds, create solo or collaborative Projects, post to our site magazine The Bugle and become an active member of a Beacon and keep the conversation going. 

Imagine the cumulative effect of our collective calls to action. Together we are building something that can make a difference.


The artist, musician and activist Brian Eno accepted our invitation to become the network's first patron.

“I come to Campfire because I’m interested in new social ideas, how we can run the world, how we can think differently about things. I’ve met a lot people at Campfire who have specific and very exciting projects that really are to do with re-thinking democracy and understanding that democracy means ruled by the community, it doesn’t mean what we have now. Brian Eno, Campfire patron, musician, activist, inventor


A Mentorship Circle has formed around our crowdfunding activities, where members are offering to share skills and passions and pass on experience to initiate collective wisdom.



1 Building a movement around our values –  see Values and Principles and Trailblazers - a global shift from extrinsic to intrinsic values, by helping each other we also help ourselves.

2 Bringing people together to find common ground, keep the conversation going (via a progressive social networking hub – Campfireconvention.com which aims to pioneer social networking 4.0) 

3 Real life meet ups, connections and conversations : campaigning, initiatives and engagement at local level via our Beacons - defining our purposes, guidelines and ways of working (work in progress)

4 Building resources for reference and activism 

5 Pioneering a new journalistic media voice - The Bugle and Guilds

6 Empowering our members through collaboration and encouraging them to step up and be active in “solution design” (design in its widest sense)

7 Cultural exchange globally

8 Creating new models for a post-capitalist world which reward member's engagement  - our Kudos scheme and Campfire Foundation

9 Enabling new social innovation (Eno ‘Pioneers’ initiative) 

10  Creating a new story, a fresh narrative for change (see keynotes below)



Pete Lawrence Keynote November 2017

Sally Hughes : Keynote November 2017

Beacons : Setting up and organising locally



The heart of the Campfire online experience will revolve around :

  • Members Profiles - your activity stream, the place where you can create posts, articles, galleries, playlists and much more...
  • Portfolios. Showcase your top Projects, articles and whatever you choose to put in your window on the world...
  • Beacons. Link up with fellow Campfirers in your area and start to change your world locally, or start one yourself...
  • Guilds, organised into three groups – Creative, Leisure and Tools For Life. Each one has the potential to develop its own editorial voice at a time when so much mainstream media primarily reflects the vested interests of its owners. We aim to develop a truly independent voice, untainted by the commercial pressures associated with chasing advertising and page click bait.
  • The Bugle. Our site magazine.

Find these features via our site map

Here is an overview of how you can use Campfire to get your message out there:



Global Beacons Campfire Beacons are regional hubs of the Campfire Convention community, where local initiatives feed into a growing international network working to change the world for the good of all. Each Beacon will be aiming to make at least one ‘call to action’ for social change at each meeting. We have launched a proposal to light beacons around the world at solstice and equinox.

Join Campfire ‘Pay what you feel’ to help us build and sustain our community.

Our site Library can help you get started with the social network and you may find FAQs useful. You can find members and Beacons (local area groups,  Projects related to you locally) here

We’d like to extend a warm welcome around the Campfire circle, here or at one of our events.


Campfire can reimagine our world for the better everyone’s input and participation. We are sparking the tinder and watching what happens from here. Anything is possible!