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Lucy Wills - 09 Jan 2020


Is the real idolatry that we do not worship each other?

And truest heresy that we consider that we are not already perfect*

*though some assembly required

What is it inside them that drives some people to escalate,

-To need to conquer to vanquish, and to obliterate in order to exist?

And others to resolve at all cost, beyond the self, beyond selfless


Why should it take such sacrifice to make peace 
Almost as much as it does to make war


Not fighting, but vigilant,

Holding the line, holding our hearts 

Holding our breath.

We are all as sacred than anything else in existence

but also no less ordinary.

That should be enough, for anyone.


If it's not fighting to see that, is it the wrong war?



Image: Banksy placards, Stop the War March 2003

rights: creative commons (CC BY-NC-SA) Lucy K Wills


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