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Pete Lawrence - 14 Nov 2016


Explore the Feedback and Frustrations and issues with the current website

November 5th, 2016. Notes by Tim Regester, edited by Pete Lawrence 


Images - uploaded an image for a profile and it imported upside down also reported that during import process the thumbnail was upside down.

ACTION If such an issue occurs please screenshot or screengrab and report on the bugs forum, this is not always possible especially in mobile use but issues can only be fixed if reported.

The mini-icon on tablet is considered too small

Using site on mobile may be slow especially on Android

The site needs to prioritise (for mobile access, eventually App):

Which content is most important, Which content is to be retained, Speed of site

In some ways a compromise


Ease of Use

When you click on a notification you should be able to click anywhere, for example on the image to see the notification detail (now active)

Need to be able to click on any part of a wall post to see detail (now active)

More visual clues needed to avoid getting lost but simplicity of Top Navigation menu should be good guide to quickly finding stuff

Saved bookmarks to follow as well as Portfolio (16 hot links to your priority content)

'Breadcrumbs' offer a good guide as to where you are on the site ie - Forums | Campfire Community | Reporting Site Bugs and Suggestions 

Error Messages : Some of these are meaningless for users. Please report via Bugs and suggestions forum

Pete and Mat have been working with Issue Logs weekly to feed back to developer

User relationships

What is difference between 'Followers' and 'friends'?
Followers follow posts of a user  one way relationship; Friends have two way relationship so can post on a wall.; Followers useful for filtering down view of what you see of posts on your Profile wall 

Follow Comments. Notifications Forum threads


How to see latest posts / threads

1 - Click on My forum activity tab from Profile - shows only threads and comments from you the user.

2 - Click on Forum top level menu link and then active topics - will give you all latest posts at the top (black icons) 

Click on a Forum Topic (thread) to open it and read all threads and comments under a particular topic. Can easily jump to last post

If you are in forum and see a post by user and click on photograph and nothing happens click on name link to user profile/activity.

Click on Forum  - shows all topics in a forum


There will soon be a portfolio (part of Profile) where each members can curate their own 'shop window' of what they want other users to see as their key output - can be a mixture of Projects, Posts, Articles, Galleries


Some had said difficulty of finding other members. It is actually able to locate others via :


1 Search 'all' and then click 'users' tab

2 Click Guilds > Campfire Community Guild > members tab

Both these will show all members currently on the site. 


Content Visibility

Currently you can see all content posted in Guilds and from your friends or followers. Perhaps we should allow visibility of posts from friends of Friends (technically called FOAF)..

Differences between Campfire Convention and Facebook

FB has no Notes CC allows in depth articles and longer content.

It was suggested that making some of the usability similar to Facebook would make CC more user friendly due to familiarity. Others think that practice and use makes member familiar. 

Improve Taxonomy? Interested to hear where the taxonomy doesn't work. The CC site is built for ease of tagging and searching, building resources, pulling important stuff together into one place (Projects) 

Profile Pages

Personal profile header image - too large? consider option to have smaller header image or make it shrink on scroll up; others like large cover image

The Diamond shaped header profile image does not work for many people consider making it square (visual design issue)

The ability to personalise your profile page would be highly useful (but remember the horrors of MySpace) 

Learning how to use the site

Consider tutorials or an onscreen tour functionality (derived from selenium usability testing)

Already several tutorials in Library and Projects (Campfire Manual)


Status update currently can take one image and one video, not a gallery.

On the Profile page consider collapsing the left column to free screen space for activity

Improve quoting excerpts from content usability.



As the website grows the site needs to be :

Glitch and bug free

Have high performance (caching for logged in users)

It is different from FB but we don’t want adverts, sponsorship or advertorials


More than a website

CC is a community - the website is just one conduit for community involvement events and live sessions are equally important.

But subscription/membership model for event is important as funds CC

Events create a focus for the community


Trolls and abusive posts

There will inevitably be trolls we need a:

Code of conduct; Values and terms of service; Some guidelines.

(All these are work in progress at the moment)




Elizabeth Carter

Thank you to all of those interested in the tech side - I am one of those who simply want it to work but do not underestimate how much work goes into making that happen so appreciate that you are doing this.


Pete Lawrence

It's 24/7 really and has been for the past year and a half... much kudos out to @mjdakin without whom the issues log would have been an impossible mountain to climb!

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