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Daniel Pinchbeck - 15 Oct 2018


I woke up remembering that our role in this lifetime is to be part of the "dimensional shift" to another level of reality. I forget that sometimes as I get fixated by the spectacle of the destruction of the biosphere - overwhelmed with this deep desire to stop it, to make my being into a single-minded outcry of anguish against it.

My book, 2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl, dived into the occult, esoteric, psychic, mystical, synchronistic, Apocalyptic (in its true meaning of "revealing") aspects of this strange, eerie, fascinating, explosive, desperate, comical, tragic time we are living in - in this world-illusion we have co-created because it was something that our souls or hyper-dimensional essences needed to experience or know, remember or re-live.

I woke up remembering that the reality we experience is a magic projection maintained by the collective field of our intention, will, and curiosity - by the one unified consciousness expressed through all of us. We dream the world awake. We awaken within the dream. Death can only be the dissolution of this illusion to return to the source, either temporarily or permanently as the soul chooses. Therefore, death holds no terror.

By the logic of this realization, I must joyfully accept that everything we experience as the negative side of the duality is also necessary if we are going to experience this complete matrix and learn from it.

The acceleration - the ongoing amping up of the stakes - can only be part of the illusion that we, as consciousness, choose to weave around us and through us. We are choosing to create a world-reality-dream where technology is on the verge of mutating into a supreme sentient surveillance system, a kind of totalitarian prison with no escape possible. We are scaring ourselves with this dire outcome. We choose to emanate a world where we belong to a half-evolved species tearing apart the cocoon of our physical reality without being able to stop itself. We create a world-dream where our political leaders are psychopaths, where our business leaders are comatose.

We chose to be here as participant witnesses in this dance of death and transmutation. We wanted to test our capacity for belief, faith, and magic by unleashing a time of engulfing noise and chaos - a time when all pathways seem simultaneously open and blockaded.

Since reading the IPCC report, I have been unable to shake off a feeling of sorrow and personal responsibility. It is only by remembering what many shamanic journeys unerringly revealed - the world is a dream we are dreaming as it dreams us - that I can come back to the peaceful center to let go of grief and failure. At the same time, I renew my commitment to find the way through the labyrinth.

The story wouldn't be as great as it is - we wouldn't have bothered to write it together - if it wasn't a nail biter and the ongoing unfolding of a mystery. I welcome the surprise or the shock of whatever is to come, whether the phoenix rises from the ashes in some way we cannot yet imagine or whether we live through some artfully constructed hell. My deepest intuition tells me the phoenix will rise, even though all the evidence suggests the opposite.



Kimm Fearnley

I agree and feel the same.

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