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Julie Horsley - 23 Feb 2020


Every act of love and kindness ripples into the etheric realms, raises and harmonises the vibration of this beautiful planet of ours.

Perhaps it's time to remember.  Well, for me it feels like it has never been more important from a planetary perspective to remember that we are part of the tapestry of life.  To remember and be reverent to Elementals that are everywhere and in all of creation. The five elements of fire, earth, air, water and ether. To equally venerate the Elementals that exist within our own physical body, for they are our maintenance squad; maintaining us just as they do the life cycle of the non-human kingdoms. In service to humanity as the crafters of the human form, they are always decoding from and responding to the environment. They are superconductive mediators. Every spark of fire in each of our thoughts and how we choose to play in the world influences how they work so they are entirely dependent on what kind of morality they meet. Every act of love and kindness ripples into the etheric realms and raises the vibration of the planet. Similarly, any negative, service-to-self forces will influence them too. That saying "be careful what you wish for" rings so very true here as does the phrase "self-fulfilling prophecy". Thoughts become things because of our free will and how we influence the Elementals, so we need to choose what we invest our energies and thoughts in wisely.  Elementals are the Universe's middle management.  They can enliven every cell.  Enable us to hold our thoughts. Air carries our words on the exhale. Air nourishes us on the inhale and Air represents our unique voice and expression. Water is present in all our bodily fluids - our blood, our sweat and tears. Water represents our emotional body. The Earth Elementals are guardians of matter and the integrity of our physical form, our rootedness as we stand within the forces of gravity and levity. The Crystal forming power of the elementals is at the core of our skeletal system. We are interpenetrated by and interpenetrating the environment in every moment.

Our fractal of life influences the whole. So when we sit around the Campfire together and share, we are not only honouring the fire within us (our body heat, our hunger, our mental sparks of energy, our passion, our inner pilot light), we are also influencing the elementals of fire to bring forward a benevolent and beneficial collaboration with the fire elementals.  This is way, way different from the use of human will to harness fire for warfare or arson, for example. When we sing blessings to the river,  we're singing to the air and water elementals in our own body too. The cells perk up. They light up!

Our bodies are super sensitive instruments. We need to tune and fine tune the frequency. The body knows what it needs. It knows what's going on around it. We simply need to listen, tune in and work in harmony.




Christopher Brown

Thank you Julie it was just last week I have been reading how we overuse our intellectual centre and do not pay attention to our bodies and to the world we are linked with, we definitely have to get back into wonder for all around us and within


Beth Salmon

Julie... this is just what I needed. Thanks so much for this incredibly well presented and informative article!!! Nourishment!

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