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Amanda Claire Vesty - 19 Jul 2020


Blessings and prayers

Tree Blessings

Blessings on the ones who stand in the concrete necropolis of colonisation. You who reach to the sky silently filtering the sacred from the profane, gods’ gifts of oxygen and clean air for those who walk beneath. Though your roots are covered by the tracks of the blind yet your vision stands flying a green banner of hope. There you stand regimented yet still you stand growing in your own way writing wildness against the sky waiting for those who will look and wonder at wisdom not contained within four walls.

These interfaith prayers and blessings celebrate our sacred connection with nature and the living miracle of our planet Earth. You are free to add the name of your god/dess as appropriate and to add with greetings and endings as you wish for example ending with Amen or Blessed Be etc etc. Be it positive psychological programming through gratitude or a magical offering, it is up to you to decide. They are based on a weekly tree teaching and wild wisdom story. During the #coronavirus #covid19, Ancient and Sacred Trees will continue to focus on positiviTree for all inspired by #trees and #nature. Ancient and Sacred Trees are a green and growing CommuniTree and together we are a forest of love and friendship.


When the people called out and threw convention to the winds you arrived thundering in on your cloud steeds. The sky poured its heart onto the protesters. When they called you came and a river of blessings cascaded onto their heads, the sanctity of human nature as part of a wild world not contained and tamed, but raw and alive and open and connected. Not a few drops of manna from heaven, but a roaring river, a deluge, washing all before it, rain soaked people who marched down the road in the rivers’ sweep. Rhiannon, those of us who were there we don’t doubt your power. You came and blessed the people and those who were touched by the rain will never be the same again. Amidst the concrete regimens of modernity, we the wild ones untameable, nature in its essence, flowered. The roads of the city may be in straight lines but the heart wanders its own trackways of gods and goddesses, heroes and heroines of stories that leap up and live again. Great Goddess, Great Queen your story teaches us to carry our burdens and know that we can reclaim our rightful places in our green and growing communities.

Tree Prayers

Let the human animals learn new ways to live and die more in keeping with the earths’ rhythms, not contained in concrete but in wild air, washed clean in the rain. Just as trees dance in the wind may all those who dance to a different beat be left to waltz in their own way, as a winding river does, as a leaf spiralling down from a tree does. Just as trees open their arms to sun and sky may we open our arms to those we yet don’t know. Let us put our faith in a better world where trees and people can grow unrestrained. Trees grow in many colours and forms, humans grow in many colours and forms. May there be space for the mightiest tree, the smallest mouse and the human different to me and you. Let our 'Green and Growing Communitree' flourish. Let it be so.


Blessings Amanda Claire x

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