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Steve Thorp - 14 Dec 2019


Soul is about passion (not the frothing ‘them and us’ anger of ‘yah-boo’), but hearts and minds and — crucially — connection and immersion.

I've not had the energy or inclination to write anything after the election just yet. The reactions seem all too predictable and depressing, but its easy to forget that there was a big one just four and a bit years ago. That was just after the Scottish Referendum, before Brexit, Extinction Rebellion, Momentum and President Trump and back when Boris was just the old Etonian who didn't get to lead the Tories, when Ed's tombstone was topical and Jeremy wasn't the Messiah (just a very naughty boy

However, I recently found the essay I wrote after that 2015 election which, it seems to me, might still have some relevance. It has no references to Brexit, Johnson or Corbyn, but does ask some questions about how we might bring soul into politics, and see social and ecological change as being something that can emerge from psychological development and going beyond polarities. 

"The problem of democracy is a psychological one. As a therapist, I might observe that most of us are, to one extent or another, dominated by the call of our ‘social self’. We are culturally conditioned (or evolved, some might say) to identify and stand up for the people we love, our communities and cultures perhaps — and tend not to go far beyond. As well as this, our relationships with our inner lives (our soul self) and with the wider earth (our ecological self) are usually less developed — and this reflects, I think, in our political lives."

In these polarised bitter times, I feel a bit hesitant about sharing this agenda – though I still think it's a necessary one. I suppose I fear that such a view – if its not ignored entirely – will be dismissed as leftie, snowflake nonsense by one tribe and 'Blairite', Neo-liberal, centrist sell-out by the other. Which might make it more necessary, of course...…/on-the-politics-of-soul-e487adde87cf



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