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Jonathan Leighton - 18 Nov 2019


In an interview that originally appeared in January 2019 in L’Amorce, a French-language publication that explores the ethical, political and cultural issues involved in the fight against speciesism, I discuss the role of ethics in decision-making and the need for new forms of cooperative governance. The interview is now available here in English. An excerpt:

"I would like to see new political decision-making systems implemented that explicitly anchor the prevention of suffering of all sentient beings as a core principle. But it’s not enough to just aim to change constitutions. The way decision-making is carried out will have to change fundamentally to become cooperative, based not on the imposition of the will of a simple majority, but on the search for solutions that meet the needs of all — including, of course, the voiceless. When people trust the system to listen to their own needs, they will become more open to those of others. My hope is that one day, we will have a truly cooperative form of global governance, radically different from today’s UN and its deal-making between corrupt regimes, where ways of relieving suffering are discussed openly and respectfully, and real solutions implemented."


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