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Jeremy Pearce - 15 Jan 2019


"Strong macho Symbolization of Cow boys, horses, lung cancer ,flat expanses of nothingness red soft/hard flip pack Brexit ?"

It was listening to James Obrien taking to bits the campaign Tag lines for the referendum and then listening to the future campaigning slot at 4.45 that made an exact  parallel in my head and then I thought why I made a parallel and then I came to the conclusion to my emotion that was deeply seated in my child hood and the fact that my father was an advertising creative from back in the days when "You couldn;t put a better bit  of butter on your knife  "?

So now it almost feels like the Tories have decided to go for some" Full on Scorched earth policy  politics  "just to make sure that who ever gets into power next will have to contend with as many burn bridges and destruction as possible .

So here I go" Taking back control"and "Leave means leave "! about as empty a statement that could possibly be muttered  its got strong connotations though, if read as a statement with out taking it to bits and wondering why the person who said it did .Then I thought of all those advertising tag lines as a kid and some political ones and thought of the substance from then to now and the fact in my young mind I took for truth when in fact they were all fake 

Evening Standard "Read all about it "What? A load of right wing propaganda  given out free especially designed to indoctrinate migrants into a false concept of britishness and economic recovery and to make the opposition look stupid .   Edited by George( Austerity ) Osbourne  Impartial political editorial from the ex chancellor of the exchequer Dream on ! 

Stork Margarine Highly toxic Synthetic butter product containing hydrogenated fat (Known since the 40's to cause heart disease, but to much of money spinner to publish the facts )."I cant believe its not brexit ?" 

Colgate "Ring of conference "? Ring of Fluoride an expensive to dispose of  highly toxic bi product  from the aluminum industry that s highly neuro toxic One of my mates was one of the original Colgate Kids .I will admit his teeth are alot better than mine though 

Kellogg CornFlakes" Sun Shine breakfast "How can a heavily processed product made out of an inedible part of maize that contained so little goodness that it had to be fortified with vitamins  that back in the 60's and 70's was sold with massive TV advertising campaigns on TV directed to children containing a collectable plastic toys thats packaging and gift was worth more than the contents  contained no Sun Shine  even before Monsanto added glyhosphate ?

Frosties "There Great "  Great for what ?Diabetes Obesity Tooth decay malnutrition .Same product coated with sugar Marketed to children with a cartoon tiger called Tony 

"Heinz means Beinz  Cos Dont forget the beinz mum cos beinz means Heinz" ? Not the same product as now  Loads of salt loads of sugar but no aspartame   this was the advertising slogan that made it brand leader and almost impossible for a child to disbelieve ? 

Marlboro  "  Come to where the flavour is ? Brexit country "? Strong macho symbolization Cow boys horses Lung cancer Flat expanses of open nothing ness Red soft pack or flip ? .Before the healthy one was invented   Classic marketing of a poisonous product Known since the 40's to cause cancer but the information was suppressed .Brexit ? 

Harp" stays sharp to the bottom of the glass" ? Come on no one stays sharp after drinking alcohol even low gravity chemical lager 

Tony Blair "Evil eyes "Saatchi and Saatchi advertising campaign ? Well the odd one out even Saatchi couldn't have foreseen how close those posters with the black mask and the eyes would have been to the truth 

Esso "Put a tiger in your  tank "? Dont be Stupid 

"Things are going to get better? "Tony Blairs (New labour)  Defiantly not for Millions of innocent middle eastern innocent children or innocent  families or the last bit of UK gold reserve or us really come to think of it. Why doesn't he just admit it , turn him self in or film himself on You tube inflicting justice on him self 

Persil" washes Whiter" ? Does Tommy Robinson s Missus use it ?Who knows Who cares ?

"Go Compare "What ?the truth ?what your being fed with ,?The BBC News? Spending power 20 years ago to today? Before Cameron ? The size of a loaf of Bread .? How much less you can buy with your pay packet after essential bills on luxury products  .?The amount of people lying out in sleeping bags freezing to death on the streets  ? Which magazine" guide to Food Banks "Last Year and this years fuel bill?Filling up a cars fuel tank ?.Cost of a Rail ticket ? House hold debt ? Size of a Chocolate Cream Egg ?UK  Spending deficit ?NHS waiting lists ? 






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