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Vicki Burke - 21 Apr 2019


I have spent the last eight months building myself up to launch my project...PIPPA - People in Positive Politics Assoc. and its fundamental and main tenor is to take the ‘party’ out of politics and put the people back in.

As it’s spring, I believe it’s time to begin. I have spent the last eight months building myself up to launch my project, but after all this time of talking about it I am still only ready to launch its conception not its birth. However, maybe it is important that the idea is born and gestated for a while before any action can begin.

    I have called the project PIPPA - People in Positive Politics Association and its fundamental and main tenor is to take the ‘party’ out of politics and put the people back in. 

    If I had a penny for every time I’ve heard people - young or old, completely indifferent or interested in the subject - say how our political system is broken and no longer serves us (as if at one point it did?!) I would have many pennies. It seems like the topic of the moment and it has picked me up and swept me on a new journey whether I am ready, like it or not.

    My dream is to create a body of people who are willing to support this change and eventually I know this will involve everyone. It is likely, however, that it will draw politicians and people interested and already working in that sector first, but as I believe we will start to see the structure that we have upheld for generations crumble, we will also see that it is up to all of us to pick up the baton and create something new that works for all and engages everyone.

    Obviously, not everyone will engage at first, but I hope that it will initially draw enough people from all walks of life to set it in motion. Diversity is the key to what makes this new method of working function in a sustainable way.

    Even though I feel I am stepping into the unknown, I also feel that everything in our world, as well as my own, has brought us to this point where this is not only absolutely possible, but necessary and inevitable.

    The shift in the relationship between the people that make up our society and those we have allowed to take control and power over us has changed beyond recognition. The arrival of the Internet to connect us and the knowledge that we have all played a part in the destruction of our ecosystem brings us to a pivotal point. I do not believe in blame or judgement here but I feel the key factor is that if we have played a part in damaging the planet then equally, we have the power to repair the damage done. However, it is important that we stand up and choose to take action now.

    I want to create a political environment that puts life first, a system that works in connection with everyone and everything on this Earth. A system that is sustainable in all ways, that serves us and is served by us. This is not what we have at the moment; what we have is out-dated and no longer fit for purpose.

    It is understood that humanity only changes when we find ourselves confronted with no alternative; a combination of complacency and extreme anxiety has prevented us from stepping forward until this moment of necessity. So although the majority of people are not in a position to act, I believe there are enough who are.

    I want to play my part but although every birth is a personal experience I also know I can’t do this work alone. So over the next few months I will be putting this idea into a thing of substance while putting out a call for people to join me.

    I wish to stress that what I am offering here is not something new. It’s happening all over the country and all over Europe and beyond and Citizen’s Assemblies lie at the heart of this new landscape. 

    Frome is a leading light in many ways, having its own independent Town Council and acting as a beacon as many towns are starting to follow. So I feel perfectly placed to work alongside what is happening here to provide a hub, a link and a springboard for sustenance and growth.

    I am intending to start locally first and then broaden my reach and join forces with other organisations already looking to make important changes for our future.

    If you feel inclined, please get in touch.




Jeremy Pearce

I'm all for this .You've articulated the thoughts well and your not alone .It's lighting the spark that will cause the change and apathy won't change anything Apathy just makes a dower situation even worse

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