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Donnachadh McCarthy - 16 Mar 2020


Fellow Climate & Ecology Protectors - THIS IS IMPORTANT! 

The right economic response to cd19 must include a Covid Green New Deal, not a massive bail out of oil, gas, aviation, travel and fossil fuel banks, in UK & US!!

Rebels - this is the FOURTH green wave, I have lived through since the 1980s. 
The pattern looks the same.. 

There is an upsurge of science warning about the climate and ecological emergencies (CEE) and public/media start responding. 

But then a major non-CEE crisis happens, and everybody goes off to deal with that, and abandons all efforts to tackle CEE and it can take 10 years before any attention again focuses on CEE.. 

These crises included the Iraq Invasion, Brexit and now covid19. 

And so we lost a precious CEE preventative-action decade each time... 

It is now far too late in CEE existential crisis to lose another decade to cd19!! 

Our XR role must be, as society takes care of those in need in cd19 crisis, to keep shouting the climate & ecological alarm, calling to ensure the government uses green stimuli for a new green economy, not pouring precious taxpayer billions into the old fossil fuel economy...

Let's protect our economy by pouring £billions and employing those losing their jobs in the old destructive fossil fuelled corporations, in a huge new programme of:

Installing protected cycleways across Britain, 
Creating safe Mini-Holland neighbourhoods, 
Mass installation of solar-panels, 
Insulating all UK homes, 
Planting vast new biodiversity rich forests, 
Restoring our precious peat-bogs, 
Building fleets of electric buses and emergency vehicles, Electrifying our railways, 
Converting heavy industry to renewable hydrogen
Building great new offshore windfarms 
Funding the switch to soil protecting organic agriculture 
The re-creation of community orchards and allotments etc etc 

Lets create a silver lining out of this challenging crisis. 

Let us look after our covid vulnerable now but use the economic crisis, as a unique opportunity to invest in a clean, healthy, beautiful new world for our kids.... 

Yes We Can! 

love & health 
Donnachadh x


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