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Fiona Price - 28 Nov 2018


The internet means we know what’s happening globally in real time and while it seems like things are getting worse, I believe the situation is the opposite. The bad stuff has always been there, it’s just that more of it is coming to light. Most of us can’t just hop on a plane and go and give our support to the latest crisis personally. But I believe we can offer compassionate support in a profound way from the comfort of our own home using the power of thought, which I explain in this audio video. (More content including blogs, vlogs and podcasts on




Kimm Fearnley

Power of positive thought and intention is real. By replacing our negative thoughts and fears with compassionate and loving thoughts we firstly feel calmer and more in control of our emotions which in turn can spread to others . Collective consciousness and being on a powerful, loving wavelength can galvanise a movement and lead to action. Like meditation, setting a positive intention each day will lead to good choices, good actions, less anger and negativity. These are powerful tools toward positive change.
We feel each other’s energy - we even refer to someone’s bad vibes or leave a place because it feels wrong. What are we referring to? Vibrations.
Energy of intentions from others. It is real and tangible. Harnessing these same vibes ( vibrations) that we each emit is more powerful than we sometimes realise.


Fiona Price

Indeed. And well put Kimm.

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