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Caroline Pakel - 02 Jan 2020


Hope in despair - It won’t stop now.

It’s been hard to acknowledge but there won’t be a pause or a rest when it comes to the climate breakdown we now face and have started to experience consistently. It just changes in terms of dominant element - fire, water, wind... - and territory. We will all get affected by it - even the billionaires hiding in their luxury bunkers. That’s the source of despair I encounter daily.

The other is the photos of holidays abroad - I so, so wish I could hop on a plane the way I used to. And that’s also one of the reasons why I no longer can. It’s that thing about sacrifice that most of us still don’t really get: that we will all need to stop doing something, many things we used to love doing...

Because every time I fly, or you buy that lovely new summer dress, or decide to upgrade to a new, more powerful car...we all do it now knowing we are taking away a little bit of the children’s future. Work it out, the scientists cautiously talk of 10-12 years, whilst nature is reacting so much faster than earlier predictions that one would have to wonder how many ‘normal’ years we still have left...

So, yeah, I have been depressed. And all that keeps me going today is the opportunity to work with others who despair as much as I do to hope, plan and trigger the ‘impossible’ at this stage - Hope in despair.