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Pete Lawrence - 08 Dec 2016


Greg Lake has lost his protracted battle against cancer and died, age 69, on Tuesday December 6th.

The man is probably best known for giving us one of the classical 70s Christmas songs - his own objection to the commercialism that had already taken root when the single hit the charts in 1975 - although his work with both early King Crimson and the world’s first supergroup Emerson, Lake and Palmer in the early 70s will be remembered by his many fans.

As the lead vocalist in iconic prog rockers King Crimson, Lake has central to the first classic album 'In The Court of The Crimson King' and went on to form power house trio Emerson Lake and Palmer. The group because synonymous with the excesses of rock at its most bloated mid 70s peak (some may say nadir) most typically and amusingly represented by the infamous ELP on-the-road 3 x 40 foot articlated trucks

Greg Lake feature photo :


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