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- 23 May 2018


GDPR - I am so over this now.   For the past goodness how long emails have been flooding my inbox asking me if I want to opt-in, re-subscribe etc.  The last week has been particularly bad and am get four or five emails a day, either asking for my permissions or to tell me about their new "privacy policy".   To be quite honest I have unsubscribed to almost everything.  Some things I don't believe I even did subscribe to in the first place.  

In the early days, like towards the end of last year, there were seminars to attend, some were free, some cost a nominal fee and others were quite frankly extortionate.  I went to three, one I paid for and two others which were free.  Hours of my life I will never get back but being in business thought I had best find out what I needed to do.   Well, the different things I was told was astounding, the understanding of this subject even by the so-called experts was dubious.  

Also with only 120 Information Commission Officers how is this going to be policed?  The fact is the law is still not completely finalised until the 25th May anyway and certain things could change, which means we may have done things we didn't need to do. 

So on Friday I am hoping that my inbox will only have emails from people who I actually want to engage with and not someone who asked me for my email in a shop (which is common practice) or something I looked at online, or even worse someone I met at networking who thinks it is okay to bombard me with emails!   




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