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Scilla Elworthy - 02 Oct 2017


My mantra is “the future belongs to those who can see it”. 

I am gripped by the possibilities opening up amidst the current soup of misanthropy, xenophobia and toxic nationalism. 

I have no answers, but I'm keen to explore what emerges with other hearts and minds engaged, so the Campfire Convention is a good place to be. 

For example, what happens when we begin to re-balance deep feminine values – available equally to men as to women - with the masculine that have dominated our history for so long? What happens when non violence becomes a key part of education? How about countries adopting the kind of Infrastructure for Peace that Mandela set up to prevent civil war after he came out of jail?

Many people feel powerless in the face of what they see on TV or read in the news – a world in crisis, with wars and violence taking place across the globe.

I have written a book for all those who want to step out of helplessness and apply their own personal skills to do something about the challenges now facing us and she will be talking about it - and other related issues - in our Campfire forum sofa session Q&A tomorrow - Tuesday October 3rd (20:00 UK time)

The book covers the first ever business plan for peace, based on 40 years pioneering initiatives in the transformation of conflict. Detailing 25 viable methods on international, national and local levels, the book demonstrates that war can be prevented worldwide over a period of 10 years for less than 2 billion dollars. The final chapters present the kind of actions that anyone can take: 10 that can be undertaken locally, 14 nationally and 7 actions to take internationally.

 - While war hits the front pages daily, peace is not considered sexy.

 - I offer facts and figures detailing the forces that drive war and in sharp contrast showing what can be done to stop people killing each other.

 - The total cost of scaling up all the most effective systems to prevent war over a period of 10 years would cost under $2 billion. Currently we spend $9 billion annually on ice cream.

 - Peace doesn’t have to be a distant aim for idealists: on this International Day of Peace, here’s a chance to present the facts and figures of what can be done. 

To shape the future that is needed in our world I’m convinced that we must bring the feminine back into balance with the masculine. Feminine wisdom has been marginalised for centuries, and is desperately needed to address the challenges we now face. 

All over the world, in all systems, we see the devastation caused by the old ways of thinking that cut across societies, geographies and generations. Feminine Intelligence – available to men as it is to women – is needed to face the current crises and bring a radical shift in the way we live and lead.



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