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Pete Lawrence - 09 Aug 2018


“When the revolution comes, it will start here” 

That’s a quote from the Guardian’s magazine’s 'Let’s Move to…' feature about Frome, the independent-minded Somerset market town that is in the spotlight.

In the latest firecast, I (as a recently inducted Froomie) renew acquaintances with writer @Crysse Morrison, one of the first people I met in Frome. She has spent months putting together a definitive and enormously entertaining book about the town’s history, heritage, the people that have made it what it is and its passionate non-conformist creativity which comes in many shapes and sizes. 

Everywhere you look, it would seem, the town seems to be in the spotlight with Harpers Bazaar describing it as “the UK’s most stylish town” and the Sunday Times suggesting the town has reinvented itself as “an artsy, foodie hipster haven”

Local writer from Devizes Darren Warrow, sees 'Funky freewheeling Frome’s organised community as “creating a distinctiveness and liberal attitude which makes Brighton look like North Korea".

Frome is a vibrant place to live and Crysse's new book ‘Frome Unzipped’ is its essential guide. 

Listen up! 




Kate Edgley

This is really worth listening to - because it’s not just about Frome. It’s about how a bunch of people have chosen a life that’s not driven by profit-making. It’s not sugar-coated, or perfect, but it’s deeply intentional and therefore inspiring. Thanks @Crysse Morrison for giving us your personal story of how you came to write the book about this way of living, obstacles, pit-falls for you and for Frome, and all.

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