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Jeremy Pearce - 18 Nov 2018


So has Extinction Rebellion started something global this weekend, linking the world's green movements into multinational action to prevent any real life Mr Burns from across the world from burning the planet?

I am standing on Westminster bridge with lots of other people. @Pete Lawrence is here too but somewhere else within the protest. I'm pointing my camera directly at Big Ben and it's just about midday - not quite, but almost and I know that when the two hands meet, there is going to be no chime at all and I look slightly left at the Houses of Parliament, where our  elected government and opposition sit and I'm thinking about how the period from before and up to now regarding the divorce from Europe has shown how completely ineffectual, incompetent and dangerous these people actually are and how much they are manipulated by lobbyists and ulterior bodies like energy companies and chemical and agro giants to serve their own personal greed, egos and their belief in an almost elitist divine right to rule.

I am thinking of alarm bells in school. I was taught in political studies that British democracy was supposed to be fair and elected politicians were paid to serve their local constituents and to use their elected privileged position to safeguard and improve all our living standards at a national level and to safeguard our wellbeing as a nation for the present and for future generations.

I am thinking about the freak summer we have just had and how most of the fish died where I have a season ticket to fish.

I am thinking about the fracking and how an appointed judge with family interests in the oil and power industry happened to be chosen to judge those four activists who were given those ludicrous sentences that got overturned. The government has actively tried to destroy the renewable energy industry in this country. It favours the  nuclear power industry and fossil fuel.  It favours those who feed back-handers through the traditional channels or award contracts for the policy decisions.

Then there is the 'directed class war' on certain innocent sections of this country's inhabitants, just published the man from the United nations for the world's perusal caused by shameful and unjustifiable political decisions - in this terrible week for May's government. Remember the beautiful piece of meaningless Orwellian double -speak that the referendum was fought over as the major selling point to the voter. Those big anthemic Murdoch Sun front page-friendly mastheads.  'Take back control'....What is going to happen again and again now is that the taking back of control starts with You and Me .

It's for us to decide our own futures and not a bunch of corrupt above-the-law incompetent crooks who won't listen and carry on as normal, propelled on a wave of bent  media bought propaganda. The fact is that the state cannot bang people up for passive peaceful action that is aimed at a much higher plane than the traditional right left or right could even contemplate - and when the numbers of people resisting gets to the point that the state can't physically bang them up and justify morally their detention. For protecting the environment and our collective whole, for gods sake. 

So this started before this weekend and on Saturday, peaceful protest took five bridges out and through this week tactics similar to Stop the City  are going to be used to try and create as much disruption as possible. So what about the police who are going to be deployed to try and control the action?  Will it feel right on a moral level to arrest and charge people for this?  Will the government end up deploying the army to stop something that's morally right and ultimately makes common sense?  Will giving out prison sentences to protesters generate the same  backlash as to the anti-fracking  activists when they were sentenced?  I suspect that it will. When enough people stand up in defiance and show they are not scared then we will win and sensible democracy will be restored. 

A few weeks ago, we had the Referendum march that I wrote about too - something also very peaceful but much larger. This was as well as being for a solidarity in staying with Europe as the trading block against US imperialism.  It was also a way of demonstrating a population's vote of no confidence in the people in charge of our collective destiny at this pivotal time for our nation. 

What about last week's mass resignations within May's government?  It has shown that they are so far out of their collective depth that even the bullshit won't stick anymore. In short, they are shitting themselves. How can the government appoint people who know nothing about what they are doing and how can they keep on disregarding educated advice for their own personal short term gain, at the expense of us and our dignity as a nation?  Have they created a Versailles Treaty scenario for 2018 like Germany endured  in 1918?

So has Extinction Rebellion started something on a global scale this weekend? Has it inadvertently linked the global green movement into multinational coordinated action and in the process causing any real life Mr Burns types (Charles Montgomery Burns is a recurring character of the animated television series The Simpsons. He is voiced by Harry Shearer. He is the evil, greedy and wealthy owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and is also Homer Simpson's boss. From Wikipedia. Ed) across the industrialised world to stop burning the planet for corporate financial gain for just a tiny proportion of this planet's inhabitants? 

The future is Green and it is time to take back that control before it's too late. For all our sakes this has to happen and can we do it. Of course we can and if we don't the outcome is going to be far worse than anything the leaders of the death throws of consumer capitalism can threaten us with.

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