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Donnachadh McCarthy - 25 Jan 2020


Below is the email I received last night following my posting, as my profile pic, a picture of my doing the Ashtanga yoga pose called The Yogi's Rest Pose... 

I was surprised that despite 40 years of personal working on my internalised sexual abuse/repression from my catholic childhood, how I allowed the email calling my picture offensive and unacceptable as it portrayed to the writer a gay sexual position to trigger me!  

Another kindly reminder that self-development is a journey, not a destination.

Personally, I believe nudity and sexuality to be great gifts, that society has over millennia sought to stigmatise and make shameful. 

And I believe this new culture of people feeling that they can bully the rest of us to stop us expressing ourselves, because they find something offensive, is just another wave of repressive puritanism that is damaging to a liberal society.

BTW they say they do not want to fall out with me, but I did not know who this person was. They may know me but I am lousy with names!! 

love and peace 
Donnachadh x 

"Hi Donnachadh

I really don't like to fall out with you due to our links in XR, but l want to say l object to the photo you use for your Facebook contact because it is overtly sexual.

I agree to gay rights but l don't agree to posting a photo which could be interpreted as a sexual position.

I am heterosexual but l don't post a photo of my sexual positions on Facebook.

We all have to live together in Facebook but l don't think what you have done is acceptable.

What do you think?

A.N. Other."


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