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Donnachadh McCarthy - 07 Jan 2020


The middle-east occupations of Palestine and Iraq have distracted humanity for decades from the real terrifying existential crises of the climate and ecological emergencies. 

Israel's apartheid supporting Prime Minister Natanyahu will be celebrating the terrorist attack by Trump on Baghdad airport, killing Iran's senior military commander, Qasim Suleimani in an insane unnecessary escalation of US/Israeli sabre-rattling against Iran. 

Netanyahu and Israel, not content with having urged the disastrous US/UK terrorist invasion of Iran, have been ever since urging the even more insane regime-change in Iran. 

The Israelis for years have for years proposed this assassination, an assassination that threatens to drag the whole of the middle east into a dreadful regional conflagration. 

For years, the Obama administration blocked Israel from carrying out this act of war. 

The Iraq invasion unleashed a regional and global wave of Islamic terrorism, as predicted, leading eventually to the horrors of ISIS. 

This meant the global community was distracted from uniting and taking the necessary action on the unfolding climate emergency, meaning that humanity is now teetering on the brink and it may be too late to avert an existential breakdown of the climate and the natural systems that support humanity and what is left of nature.

Israel is determined that no supporter of the rights of the invaded and terrorist occupied Palestinians, should be in power in any country in the middle-east (or even in the UK...) 

Thus they have been waging a diplomatic offensive for years in the US, to get them to topple the Iranian government. 

Make no mistake, I am no lover of the fundamentalist Islamic Iranian government. 

But every time the US attacks Iran, it further strengthens the Islamic extremists and weakens the moderate secularists, as the extremists can bang the nationalist drum to get the Iranian population to back them, against the genuinely evil foreign oppressor. 

Added to this Israeli determination to topple Iran, is the literally insane support for Israel's agenda for terror and war in the middle-east from the huge anti-semitic US Christian far-right "Rapturist" cult.

This huge USA cult believes Christ will return to the earth, when Israel expands into Jordan and a huge battle takes place, when Christ will then take "good" evangelical Christians up into heaven and will destroy the rest of "bad" humanity, including all Jews, banishing us to hell.....…/jerusalem-embassy-trumps-foreign-policy-l…/

Trump's cabinet has TEN "Rapturists" in it. 

Hence the support for moving the capital of Israel into the Palestinian capital of Jerusalem, further inflaming the occupied Palestinians, the recognition of the Israeli occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights as legitimate and also recognising the vast invasive illegal Israeli apartheid settlements across what remains of the decimated occupied Palestinian West Bank. 

These US Trumpian cabinet Rapturists WANT a regional conflagration in the Middle East, as they believe it is essential to the return of the "Christ". 

Hence their support for Israel's demand that the US Trump administration tear up Obama's major peace achievement, the Iran nuclear peace treaty.

Mike Pompeo, Secretary of State and Mike Pence, Vice-President of the US both are Rapturists. 

Mike Pence's speech to the Israeli Knesset sent shivers down my spine. It was a foretelling of a horrific regional conflagration in the middle-east at the behest of the nuclear armed Israel.

Finally, what is shocking about the killing of Suleimani, is that he led the battle against ISIS in Iraq and so was an ALLY of the US coalition, along with the Syrian Kurds in the battle to defeat ISIS. 

What a message from Trump to the world about how the US will treat its allies, even when the Kurdish militia and the Iraqi Shia militia led by Suleimani were the ones on the ground who took the vast majority of the casualties in the battle against ISIS?! 

The message is that the US will instantly turn on their anti-ISIS allies by abandoning them to a massacre by the Turks and then assassinating the leader of the Shia militias who lost countless lives in the ground war against ISIS!! 

The UK must condemn this terrorist attack on Iran. 

Humanity must not be distracted by another US oil war and Israeli war-mongering. 

My fear however is that now that we have left the EU, we will be nothing more than a US vassal state and Johnson will back whatever insane military dangers Trump threatens the world with. 

With just 10 months to the US presidential election, the embattled Trump would likely love to bang the drums of nationalistic supremacist military attacks in the middle-east.

With Australia on fire, we must however not allow them to distract us again, we must focus on survival of the human race and what is left of nature and that includes the survival of Americans and Israelis also! 

Keep focusing on the fire-alarm Australia's devastating forest-fires are sounding

Dangerous days....

peace and love 
Donnachadh x

PS if you would like to know how the 1% hijacked our democracies, email and I will email you the ebook version of my book The Prostitute State - How Britain's Democracy Has Been Bought for free.


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