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Pete Lawrence - 23 Dec 2016


An extraordinary year in so many ways, one where certainties vanished and evaporated, the unthinkable became normalised and the world turned itself upside down in some respects.

For me, picking up on the zeitgeist, a strange, curious year that most people I know are still trying to make sense of. A year where the axis shifted for probably not for the better, a year of dislocation, suspicion, separatism. A sense that people are engaging and focussing on the important things, future ideas, concepts and directions. So there has to be hope. Without hope there is nothing.

For Campfire, an important second year when we launched the website and made great strides with our development and beta testing so that we’re ready to go in 2017. We managed to stage a successful launch event which offered a statement of intent, celebrated some innovative and forward-thinking ideas and managed to engage both our keynote speakers on site for the entire weekend.

There is a wider sense that, more than ever, there is  need to come together, a necessity to seek out good journalism and creative thinking and writing and an overwhelming need for new thinking, new visions and new initiatives. The world has to move on, but not in the direction that Trump looks set to take it. What will be interesting (if scary) is what the reaction to that will bring. I am hopeful! 

For me, a generally positive, very hard working year which I hope I will see the fruits of in the future, Fruits for all. Some amazing new people came into my life, others surprised me with their actions and a decision to make a physical move after eight years in Braunston dominated the latter part of my year. I’m looking forward to the fresh energy that move will bring as I head to Hay on Wye next month. 

Here’s to being prepared and engaged in 2017.



Lou Mycroft

For me a year of sickness which by the end of the year felt like a nadir had been reached - I hope so, at least; personally and, more importantly of course, for the world. Connecting belatedly with Campfire offered the promise of (initially) sanctuary, a sigh of relief to be with like minds then, gradually, a conduit of hope.

In 2016 I grafted and got nowhere, because I was too immersed to do anything other than blindly fight. 2017 has to be about harnessing energies, about grounding down and lifting up, and about taking time to think. I feel that I am laying foundations of practice now that will guide me well in the future.

As for the world, it seems that the only possible way forward is a counter-cultural affirmative politics. I don't know how to do that, but I do know how to connect with others who want that too. It's a rhizomatic year, a year to make connections and build constellations of practice as the way forward emerges.

I'm glad I'm here.

Lou x

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