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Pete Lawrence - 23 Feb 2017


Dave Trigger, California Cross, is standing for the Labour Party in Charterlands Ward of South Hams Council next Thursday. A well-known face in and around Modbury, he works as the Wharfmaster at Devonport Dockyard, has a smallholding at California Cross, from where he runs his fruit and veg stall, and is chairman of the national Small Farmers Association.

Dave has been a district councillor and an Ivybridge Town Councillor. He sits on the local board of the Community Volunteer Service, is a former lifeboatman and has been awarded the MBE for services to the Ministry of Defence. Dave has lived in South Devon all his life with his family.

A report from the local paper The Dartmouth Chronicle reports as follows :

"As a local man living in California Cross I know the problems we face in and around Modbury and the South Hams.

"I see too many of our young people forced to move away because of house prices, second home owners and a lack of good jobs.

"I chat on my fruit and veg stall with people who are forced to drive because our council doesn’t support rural buses. With care homes closing and the Community Hospitals at Ashburton, Paignton and Ashburton facing the chop I hear how worried our older people are about their NHS and long-term care.

"It’s time our community had a strong, experienced voice on South Hams District Council. I’m not a career politician. I’m a local man who wants to stand up for local people in the place I call home."

Anything is possible.




Suzi Glantz

What a wonderful man! We need more like him.


Suzi Glantz

He's also got my motto - 'Anything is Possible' at the bottom! Hehe


Pete Lawrence

That was my added motif, @Suzi Glantz


Suzi Glantz


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