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Pete Lawrence - 08 Jan 2019


A few notes from yesterday's meeting, attended by Pete, Roo, Hannah and Nikki

Pete briefly outlined Campfire history and events

  • 2016 Convention 001.UK - Welsh borders @ Bridge Inn
  • 2017 Campfire Conversations around UK. Site beta launch Sept
  • 2018 Campout test event - Welsh borders @ Bridge Inn

2019 marks the first official Campout in Frome, August 28-Sept 1 at Field 725

We have no idea of attendance but we can accommodate up to 500 under a temporary events notice. There is good interest and we have sold a few tickets already.

We can scale up budget accordingly as well sell more tickets - this will be adaptive and anarchistic DIY production! 

The event will run from Wednesday afternoon - Sunday afternoon

Details and ticket links here

Shape of event:

Lots of breathing space, not not much programmed, plenty of room for open space for DIY programming, priority partners given allocated time / space around fire (ie Extinction Rebellion, Tree Conference, Seed, Positive TV, Peace Direct, Red Brick)

'Coming together Circle Gathering' at 10am (post breakfast) and 6pm pre dinner every day with a different facilitator

Some keynote speeches (Theo Simon, Jo Berry so far confirmed, Daniel Pinchbeck interested)


Conscious Media session (alternative Question Time)

Music (Live and DJs) Friday and Saturday night

Not late nights - neighbours, lots to get through next days etc

Roles to fill:

  • Site manager
  • Box Office / tickets
  • Artists - Hannah
  • Partners
  • Catering
  • Programming - Pete plus team
  • Marketplace and arts - Roo
  • Kids  
  • PR

Programme Content:

Each fire will have a different theme

  • ie Campfire Circle (central fire)  Keynote speakers, music and entertainment in evenings
  • Partners Campfire - ie Tree Conference, Extinction Rebellion
  • Partners Fire 2
  • 'How To' sessions - Nikki to co-ordinate some?
  • Open Space
  • Cinema area in woods

'How To' sessions discussion

Nikki offered to host a Writing Thinkshop; Death Cafe idea (perhaps linked with 'last life quarter' idea from CC001?) 

Plays / scripts / acting - collaborate with Simon Blakeman?

Roo offered to co-ordinate art and craft on site (possible arts trail too) and also a market space (Saturday afternoon?) with 'single blanket' size space restriction. Not bought goods but made goods.


Non-violent direct action?

Peter Macfadyen - co-housing?

Bill Palmer and Elders

Live Music : Borrowed Light confirmed, try for Seize The Day?

Joanna Macy suggested by Roo for possible ceremonial healing session

To consider:

Labyrinth - Victoria Hulatt invite?

Ceilidh for Saturday night? - would need level floor building (on pallets?) 

Films - Dobbie? Different programmers each day... 

Sacred Space?

Some useful links mentioned at meeting:

First issue of Campfire Ignite Magazine PDF (lots of onward links)

My review / brain dump of the Scilla Elworthy/Nicholas Janni workshop weekend 'Wise men wise women, wiser world'

Frome Resources page on Campfire

Firecasts (all of our Campfire Podcasts) Project - here is the link to two Firecasts from last August's Campout trial run

'How To' sessions - the original blueprint called  'Activist Shoecamps'

Short film of first Convention

My review of 2018 and preview / wish list for 2019




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