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Azul Thomé - 21 Apr 2020


A year ago today a deep&dear friend/sister died. I miss her and her ways, her love of fire and air dragons and organic whisky. I Love her longing to be an artist and how brave her soul was. I Love how she used her body as rods for dowsing the truth about the truth and about the natural laws of things. 

A year ago today Polly Higgins died while I was, with many hundreds, on Waterloo Bridge ~ built by women during the last war~with the rebellion. 

When her death was announced on the microphone I fell with the power of my grief. I was held by the bridge over the river Thames/Isis in London for a few hours until the police arrived to move us. And we sang, never stopped!

The 40 days and nights journey I then took to accompany Polly's soul to the shore of her well and wise ancestors comes from a deeply private place and love for Polly .

Yet these times sometimes require for blessed golden threads spun from dark matter to be shared among good human company, to mend what was broken in our culture and support the remembering of our duty of care for the living and for the dead.

Tonight marks a year and so I made a sacred fire, added ashes from a 1000 fires and burned one of the book while singing to her. All that is left now is love and the commitment to not forget our beloved dead. 

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