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Andy Lambert - 01 Apr 2020


Truly heroic stuff happening in the health and care services in Ireland and UK, not forgetting many other types of 'front line' services - as I'm sure in other countries too.

But what has been sickening is the UK's so-called government attempting to disguise its shocking incompetence with rallying cries about pulling together, and by associating itself with the NHS that it has shafted for so long.

Here I merely pass on the words of the distinguished piper and medical doctor (working all hours) Jarlath Henderson reflecting the raw anger felt on the front line about the Brexiteers. “All the clapping in the world but if you want a pay rise or a shift that doesn't last 24hrs or that £350,000,000 a week we promised, you can go and fuck yourselves. The time for Britain to show it's support for the NHS was at the ballot box in December and Britain spat in it's face instead.....The NHS just got a thank you tonight when what it REALLY deserved was a grovelling apology. The Tories are succeeding in stage managing current events and turning them into a story about an unavoidable tragedy filled with heartwarming tales of heroism and the best of British when it is in fact a story about a failed, unfathomably greedy, sociopathic, neoliberal system with blood on its hands and cowardly, criminally negligent leadership that places the economy before the people.

Don't let them gaslight you.

If you're anything but very fucking angry, you're not paying enough attention.”




Christopher Brown

Thank you I completely agree with you it’s up to us who say this is wrong to stand up and be counted we cannot go back to business as usual it would be like signing our own death warrant

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