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Donnachadh McCarthy - 25 Jan 2020


Boris Johnson is literally worse than Trump. 

He is now actually boasting about clean fossil oil and clean fossil gas, adding another PR coup to the fossil fuel industry's utopian clean coal!!!  

At least Trump has the honesty to say he opposes action on the climate disaster. 

But Boris Johnson uses his cheery Etonian rugby captain rumbustiousness to declare he cares about the climate, whilst doing his damndest to destroy it. 

This week the UK government held a UK/Africa investment conference. 

It included over £2 billion of new UK investments in expanding Africa's fossil fuel industry. 

These investments will emit millions of tons of fossil fuels for decades to come, ensuring the world continues it spiralling climate destuction. 

Johnson's speech to the conference is breath-taking in its dishonesty and hypocrisy.

Firstly, he delared the UK government for climate reasons would no longer invest in coal mines or power stations abroad. 

I smelt a rat when I heard him say this. I suspected we had not been doing this for years. 

And sure enough, Damian Carrington in today's Guardian reported exactly this! 

We have not done so since 2002!!

And of course also note Johnson said we would not fund foreign coal directly... 

The UK banks, mining corporations and City continue to pour billions in to coal and the UK is just about to start a massive expansion of new coal mining in the UK, including the Woodhouse Colliery, the UK Adani... 

And Johnson then had the nerve to say the UK government would instead support fossil oil and gas investments as portray these investments as "green". 

"Not another penny of UK taxpayers’ money will be directly invested in digging up coal or burning it for electricity. Instead, we’re going to focus on supporting the transition to lower- and zero-carbon alternatives.

First, by helping you to extract and use oil and gas in the cleanest, greenest way possible. We are world-leaders in that and have much to share."

Carrington revealed that of the £2.1 billion energy projects signed, over 90% of them were for African fossil fuel expansion and less than 10% for renewables. 

Johnson further rubbed salt in the climate wounds by declaring :
"Climate change and loss of biodiversity are issues that affect us all. I know that many of your countries are already on the front line in the fight against both." 

The rest of the contracts signed included airport expansion, airplane sales, inninerators etc etc 

Boris Johnson as prime-minister is worse than Trump, because with him, the climate movement has to first prove he is totally lying when he says he supports climate action, before we can then get on with stopping his fossil fuel destruction. 

The fossil fuel empire is still ruling the roost in Whitehall and Boris Johnson is their chief and best propagandist. 

Now more than ever #ExtinctionRebellion is needed.

Because what the UK should be doing is helping Africa invest in a renewable energy economy, to make reparations for the cliamte destruction our fossil fuel based wealth has wreaked on Africa already - that is the real climate justice now needed.

Grim and challenging times... 

peace and love
Donnachadh x 

PS if you want to know how the oil lobby hijacks our democracy, email & I will send you the ebook version of my book 

The Prostitute State - How Britain's Democracy Has Been Bought for free. x




Michael Anthony

Given that our best British Scientist argues that we have already passed the necessary addition to have brought global warming and reductions and we are watching the back of the horse on the hill from the stable door it had gone through when it broke loose, a while back. A politician such as Johnson would know he has manoeuvre enough to enact short term policies which ignore climate evangelising as the propaganda is such already that no one agrees on how to deal with our utter and probably compleat folly of having consumed our own living environment to the extent where we have to realise the horse, the back of which we see, was named Extinction!
Waking up is so difficult!

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