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- 20 Jul 2018


"She thinks she is holding her Neoliberal brother from another mothers hand. But Donald has other things on his mind, like the destruction of any rival large trading bloc that is capable to dictating what America can and can't do economically"

It would seem impossible, to believe that the UK government wouldn't have actually known the size of dissent against Trumps visit. 

GHQ monitors social media and every other form of communication barring carrier pigeon   

The front page picture from the Daily Fail owned free propaganda rag that I have used as my header picture said it all to me as I dissected the symbolization. They want this smoking, sick, grey, weak looking woman who can't address a room full of more than two people out and they want her out now. She has served her purpose and the physical connection between the two...and the headline. It looks like Trump is pushing her off the edge of the carpet, dragging her up those stairs like a freshly clubbed-to-death baby seal ,thats just been skinned alive by Trapper Trump .dripping a trail of matching crimson  in a Thatcher period Green Peace Poster. She has had a wonderful run since landing herself home secretary, trickling on a day to day basis something very similar to the Nazi emergency powers act in freeze frame slow motion in true mini dictatorial delusion, with the sole purpose to stifle free speech and democratic process and progress and  opposition to her right wing policies and strengthening  the elitist power and wealth  framework in this country. Control  through poverty control through debt trap control, through state surveillance control, through divide and rule.

She thinks she is holding her neoliberal brother from another mother's hand but Donald has other things on his mind - like the destruction of any trading blocks big enough to stand up to US economic totalitarian control perhaps and medicare? Trump is a true patriot and even if what he believes in is warped, he's going to do it as brutally as he wishes and he justifies it with god on the board  of directors. 

And what about  the world's biggest on shore money cleaning launderette (not much use for anyone who doesn't hang out around Liverpool Street as it doesn't trickle down, does it? It floats off somewhere off shore where the tax man can't swim...

Then there was the vast quantities of the Evening Standard edition distributed on the route later, with the massive front page of the march. Telling a different story Osborne's set piece twisting of the knife into May (the editor's personal cut : the Tory party's very own reenactment of the 'night of the long knives') 

Brits stand up to Trump - and then there was Boris. It all seemed stage-managed to me - a nice bit of populist party-controlled media manipulation to further the fudge that is Brexit and the fudge is starting to get very real for most of us without massive inflation busting wage packets. It's just that a lot of people haven't woken up to it yet and the self serving fools who will profit from it as the ship slowly sinks while the captain has taken all his life jackets for his mates. No women and children first in this Titanic  nightmare, just those with the biggest wallets and the right connections.

So its 2.15 and I had just climbed up the steps from Oxford Circus tube, adjusting my eyes to the summer daylight and locking down my valuables to avoid getting pick pocketed. I faced my self towards the BBC and take into account what was around me - the placards with various messages. The first one I saw and the most thought-provoking for me was of Julian Assange. I asked the two Kiwi activists whether I could photo them and they said yes. They were concerned about how Julian's plight and cause had now all but disappeared now that he had been effectively silenced from broadcasting truth to the world. That didn't coincide with the land of the free's  version of it. Most of the people marching had placards depicting Trump in a kind of social media hate reactionary frenzy - a direct reaction to his public profile - something Trump very cleverly manipulates. Surely whistle blowing the truth of what America doesn't want put into public domain is equally, if not more important than what the mouthpiece on top of the republican stick chooses too? 

I guess it was about 2.30 when the large body of rapidly growing people started to move towards Trafalgar Square. I tried to get a picture of the massive coke advert with the placards in front of it at Piccadilly Circus but I couldn't wait for the rotation of adverts to go back full circle. It was the corporate reality of America's export and, to me, an image how the world really saw them. Bright and 100 metres across, as powerful as the stars and stripes fuelled on perpetual war economy of carbonated  empty gm fructose and aspartame and spray tan obesity and type 2 diabetes. 

I spent almost 5 hours in total watching mostly from around Trafalgar Square. I took a walk down to Parliament Square too. The only police on horses I saw were around the pub on the left as you walk down before Whitehall  The man in the ape costume in the cage with the Trump mask was there and paramedics were trying to help a man with a Boris-like blonde hair cut with heat stroke on a chair next to the cage.

The Free Tommy Robinson / Pro Trump was going to be on the Saturday and it looked like a pocket of right wing were here because there was a lot of anger in the air. I moved back up to the square, to observe the constant stream of people coming and going. It was still doing this at 6.30 when I walked along the Strand to Holborn to go home. A lot of people had chosen to pay their respects to the US president and May after they finished work and it looked like the numbers were still not dying down. I was really impressed with how clean the area affected by the vast numbers of people was. It seemed to me that the same people who cared about their environment also cared about democracy and fellow human beings  and rights ,no matter what colour religion or earning social demography they were from and I hope the government takes notice of this. These were the dignified polite people of all ages and race, who had amassed on a working weekday and these people aren't going to tick a ballot paper that's touched Trump.

One thing I will note and I still don't know if this was caused by jamming or the sheer volume of people using social media - I tried to post live Instagram footage but my instagram account only started working again after I removed it from my phone and re installed it 4 hours after leaving. It started to upload and then froze.

So I read that an Irish journalist, Fintan O'Toole from The Irish Times, has started to toy with the concept, ie  that what Trump is actually now doing is experimenting with using social media as a barometer to see how far he can manipulate populist right wing agenda as a working trial run towards dictatorship. It was a very interesting article and I don't think he's far off the mark.

The future is beginning to not look bright at all. The future is now looking a very nasty shade of oppressive orange.

Campfire x 


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