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Pete Lawrence - 11 Oct 2016


In a Facebook post shadow chancellor John McDonnell urges the Tories to step up to the plate on their Brexit strategy with potential losses of £66bn at stake.

"Today's reports that a “hard Brexit” could lead to the Treasury losing up to £66 billion a year is really worrying.

Losing access to the single market would be devastating for jobs, livelihoods and our public services yet the Tory government are prepared to take this desperate step, despite being warned by their own experts of the consequences.

The British people voted to leave the European Union and all sides must respect that decision, but what they certainly didn’t vote for was economic misery and the loss of jobs.

The Tories should be sticking to their manifesto promise and fighting tooth and nail for access to the single market. Instead they are abandoning Britain’s clear national interests by putting narrow party political concerns first.

It’s time for Theresa May’s government to show some responsibility and stop playing political games when our future as a country is at stake."



Mat Dakin

Why would you go into negotiations conceding that you'd do anything to stay in the club/single market?

Cameron already demonstrated how ineffective a weak starting position is.

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