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Jeremy Pearce - 21 Oct 2018


"There was a genuine feeling of purpose and that this day was historic and also a communal feeling of empowerment and unity A genuine feeling that we were doing the right thing. There were so many people the police didn't know what to do...

I am not going to write this as a one sided pro-Euro piece because  it would be wrong to do so. I have contradictory feelings on the matter but I believe that staying in is the best for now and the future. So I'm going to stick to what I observed and personally felt yesterday and what I have actually felt before during and after the event.

The vote was very close. It was like watching a very close horse race. Whether one of the runners was fed on something spiked leading to a re-run is another matter and someone somewhere, by loading the odds, will end up quids in no matter whether the outcome turns out to bankrupt and destroy the vast proportion of both the middle and working classes who have aspired to the economic model that is modern day consumer capitalism, where debt creates money.     

Some of these people giving the form reports are now actually in charge of the outcome and that isn't cricket by any stretch of the imagination. The way that vast amounts of people who voted didn't question what was being fed to them and lapped it up disturbed me most of all.

It was the right wing media controllers most elaborate game of selling jingoistic nonsense to people who wanted to believe in something that had only really existed for a same class of people who were selling the distortion.

I do have friends who voted both ways on this and I respect them for it. My own pro-European leanings extend to seeing the trading block and the economic clout it offers  I'm also in favour of cultivating the new 'Euro culture' of European togetherness for a better, safer,  brighter more prosperous future for all. I believe in keeping the kind of nationalism that causes the most catastrophic human disasters a chance of happening again to the bare minimum.But for this to happen the individual member states  sense national identity would have to ego death ,but thats never going to happen is it .?

What I don't like about the EEC is its corruption and its waste and the fact that it can use its central bank power to effectively punish any member that doesn't want to play ball, plus the money allocation and mad red tape and  CAP put together by France the dictation that created mountains of over produced perishable food produce .  It also protects its old power structure and it chose to bail out the banks,  it opted to inflict austerity. It is also no supporter of socialism - that seems the ultimate contradiction of a multi national superstate feeding wealth back into itself for increased living standards for all its members.Cos It Doesnt does it? and since the last crash this has become more and more apparent .It bailed out Greece with re payment   interest rates that were purposely set so high that it could never pay it back as a kind of punishment and also a warning to others not to do the same and its morally shocking what it did 

I also can't get my head around Merkel's insane unification experiment when it expanded and took in the really poor countries creating the mass free economic migratory free-for-all that we have witnessed. It's obvious why it happened, but I am caught up in the transition together with all the generations after me. I had to get my head round having Romanians dictating how much and how often I could go out and earn money last year and I couldn't do it.  The European bank could have surely raised the poorer countries' wages to the levels of the richer ones before it happened but it refused that option because it wanted the vast amount of labour to exploit to grow its  economy and the pension funds.  

I know that when I work 8 hours, it will give me possibly 20% of the spending power that I had 15 years ago. The carrot's not there for me and I know that I have been shafted but for many they believe  the carrot is real. It's not happy families but it never has been, has it?  I guess it could have evolved into something a lot worse, but the concept and Idea is positive and wouldn't it have been more sensible to work within the framework for improvement rather that possibly start its collapse or even our own downward spiral? I don't know, I am just philosophizing and dreaming on it, but I'm not clued up enough to make the kind of statements that the Brexit politicians uttered, but the thing that is now becoming more and more apparent as time moves forward is that they didn't have a clue either; they were just spurting off bullshit like they do anyway, ensconced in that big building that the the march surrounded and engulfed on Saturday. 

My first observation was how the tube had filled up. It was like heading to Notting Hill carnival but with a very  different ethnic mix.

This was a Saturday morning. I had been playing the game of 'guess who's heading to the march', over the hours worth of stops from where I started. There was a young family who were definitely going - the teenage boys scoffing sandwiches out of a clear plastic Tupperware, there were people with branded shopping bags and boxes coming out of Westfield who definitely weren't. There was a grandad with his grand daughter, there were a group of Balkan building workers who weren't. There were tourists who were unaware and there were a couple of people who had fallen victim to the inequality, working the carriages for small change - they were definitely not  going. 

I took a picture of the escalator steps at Marble Arch to give some kind of idea of the sheer volume of people flooding upwards out of the underground system like a storm surge breaking surface. The ticket barriers were open like peak carnival time too and I headed out into the sunlight to discover another wall of people. I crossing the road and decided to head down Park Lane ,but the shear volume of people halted  me opposite the Mini dealership, so climbing over the barrier and walking along the grass in between the two lanes of traffic, I shot the film footage that I have included in this report.  

I reached Hyde Park and that's where I stopped. The entire area from the station to here was gridlocked. In fact, there were so many people the police didn't know what to do. No one was pushing, it was safe and civilized, respectful and we had taken control of our very own march. There was a genuine feeling that we were here and this was historic. There was a communal feeling of empowerment and unity, a genuine feeling that for once,  the government would have to act. I guess the people on the only march to equal this size demonstrating against the Gulf war must have felt the same, but look what didn't happened on that occasion. 

Music was coming from mobile sound systems and £10 Eu Berets made out of felt blue with yellow stars and flags were being sold. I was given a Boris bond bank note that I've included in my photos but even if it was genuine currency, we now know Boris would have no intention of paying the bearer the £350 million stated on it. It was given to me by a middle aged man wearing a blond wig and jeans from Bath and all he was uttering was Boris soundbytes - those port dregs of manipulative gobshite  spewed out on the campaign trail on the mans personal Churchill fixated  ego power trip and people were chanting "No to Brexit "

I always look at the class, ethnic and social demographics at these rallies and this was mostly indigenous European and white Caucasian but not exclusively (look at my film footage). The age group was wide and the class demographic was educated. I wondered where all the other ethnic groups were that I share England with?.  Maybe people who have had European and British colonial rule forced on them think differently? I live in an area where  people who made good from the old east end slums moved to .Then the Jewish people who moved out of the same ghettos moved to  and  now the self made Indian and Pakistani Bangladeshi and sri Lankan  people who  have worked hard to get out of the same place where the Jewish people came to in the 30 s escaping  the Nazi s  They have procured the kind of materialistic wealth that would have been impossible if they stayed put and  hadnt  migrated to the country that basically raped them of natural resources starved them and beat them and forced them to fight in wars for . What about the economic migrants that have been made to feel so unwelcome by Brexit ?.The climate hasn't been made exactly pleasant has it ? The finger of blame isn't with these people. It's with the people with the broken politics that don't add up, isn't it ? People come here to live and contribute because they want to.and build a better life for them selves  No one forces them to.They have come by choice 

So what happens now?  The diplomatic and political and legal processes drag on and and the trade and border agreements get torn up and have to be re drafted.

When the severing is complete, the extreme  right wing government will continue to inflict austerity, remove functioning free state healthcare and destroy workers' civil  rights at a pace that they couldn't do under EU law. They are increasing state  surveillance at a rate that even George Orwell couldn't have even predicted with the advancement of technology  when he wrote 1984. We have inflation rising constantly and an intentionally devalued currency, more and more people ending up on the streets due to direct government policy and more people getting sick with debt and losing everything that they have saved and worked for (disempowerment through directed impoverishment).Pay freeze (the intentional bankrupting of public sector workers) including the civil service and the police  We have the start of privatised police happening and an economy that just doesn't trickle down.It just feeds upwards and the selling off of public utilities that are paid for by us slashed by the government and sold off to private companies whose profits are tax exempt (like Branson's NHS interests) so the leaching is complete  

Cameron walked away to his man shed. Are the people who went into hiding after the vote actually fit for purpose to sort this thing out for the prosperity and future  of everyone who resides here for the present and the future? Will May bottle it and call a second referendum and then everyone will just forget that it ever happened? Just like if the general who set the Over the Top time on the Somme deciding not to send the boys over the top for 3 days?  But that's a historical folly or criminal stupidity looked on at  with hindsight .

But the thing that is for sure is that the man who gave the order was nowhere near any barbed wire or machine gun bullets when the slaughter started or finished. Will the people who voted leave and won take a second referendum lying down if they lose?  I reckon there will be a good chance that a proportion will want blood and take it as a betrayal. 

England's not well,  Europe's not well,  the world is not well. 

We had one of the few good honest politicians murdered in the run up to this mess.  I watched people who I have known for years share Britain First clickbait on social media. We have race crime, we have intimidation and all the things that are not acceptable. It's not my idea of being British and increasing earnings inequality just to keep the pot on the 'about to boil over' point.  So one thing for sure - the bribing with sweeteners for whoever they sign us to get into bed with will get more desperate.  The best bridges have been burnt, haven't they ? The US doesn't owe us anything. China the same.  The commonwealth didn't seek independence for no reason, did it? No one owes us anything. We are on our own now and the people who are vested with are collective interests are just about to sell our collective souls for a strap on that is looking more and more like being consumed by US corporate imperialism and spat out like some cheap South American whore. We have no industry, everything's been sold off.  There's the city,  that unregulated giant washing machine who's purpose is primarily to create tax avoidance  and "taking back control" didn't mean to you me or the Daily Mail reader and definitely not the white power supremacists or the Sun reader or the trendy left wing sandal wearing hipster and  'Are the Europeans trying to steal all are Smarties' ?

No, the people who are stealing our Smarties are in office now. The power will remain exactly where its always been until this government collapses and what do people like Rees Mogg and Boris really think of us?  I would say the same as ever - cannon fodder and fair game for extracting taxes from. Dream on. 

The only hope is a new politics for a new future progressive caring and sharing and a completely new economic system that's fair and its not just here, its Europe too and beyond  We have a dream and its not  impossible to achieve either.!

 This current  Tory regime is the most incompetent, destructive, deluded  and dangerous collection of egotistic  fools ever  assembled and they   are inexcusable in their on going fudge of our future  Hold on tight because the boats about to hit the rapids very soon as far as I can see and the person at the helm is blind 

Campfire x

As a post script I am leaving a link to a documentary that explains  how the Corporation  of London works in relation to Tax avoidance  .The kind of amounts that are moved off shore .What kind of people are involved in it and how this ties in with the people who led the leave campaign and also the remain  Please watch it .It explains a lot 



Kimm Fearnley

I hugely enjoy your writing @Jeremy Pearce and also your stance on Brexit - I agree with so many points you make. The corruption and unfairness of the EU made me want change but like you say maybe better to stay in and fix than toss a bomb in there. Who knows? Thank you for your insights. X


Jeremy Pearce

Ive just amended it how I wanted it .I rushed it out and published it before having had time to really structure the huge amount of feeling and emotion that I felt actually attending the march This is much more focused with a clarity it didnt have before

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