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Jo Berry - 12 Oct 2019


On 12 October 1984 an IRA bomb at the Grand Brighton Hotel in Brighton killed my father. On the 35th anniversary I reflect on the impact that it has had on me and the subsequent work I have done for reconciliation.

Here are my reflections today:

'On this 35th anniversary of the Brighton bomb I reflect on the last 35 years. I was 27 and vowed to bring something positive out of the atrocity. That never ends, and today I renew my commitment to be bolder in my peace-work for Building Bridges for Peace, be more courageous in challenging judgements and hatred,to let go more of righteousness and blaming which stops me hearing your story and seeing you in your full humanity.

It seems there is more division, hatred, violence and suffering in the world, yet I believe in a world where we can all make a positive difference and our capacity to be compassionate can grow when we empathise with our 'other'.

Non violence is the way, for every time we hurt another human being, we are all affected. It is time that we care for everyone around the world, we are a global family and we all matter.
I send my love to everyone.

Thanks Mike Grenville for recording and editing the video, so much appreciated. Thanks everyone who has given me incredible support over the last 35 years and my amazing family and friends.'





satkartar Kennedy

I absolutly loved Jo`s talk at the frome camp out. Showing how the greatest compassion and listening to "the other side" of the situation can manifest peace. ITs a very slow process of opening..... non-violence is the ONLY way for the "New Age".....everything has to be allowed so that a safe space can be held. War, vengence, anger & Fear are conditions which bring out the worst in people who might otherwise never act in ways they do. Basically its these Raw emotions that can drive us & we lose our centre & principles to act in ways that are "small". It was lovely to hear how Jo was able to have some distance no matter how unbearable the grief & pain...Perhaps the greatest meditation jo Berry has ever done...I found it rather moving her story .& her remarkable journey of discovery of her humanity & accepting the other person as herself and not seperate!!