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Scilla Elworthy - 11 Dec 2017


“You’re clearly a gifted leader but what is it really you want to accomplish in the world? ...what would you be really proud of? What’s the closest thing to your heart’s fulfilment that you can imagine you could do? It’s these questions that most leaders don’t have time or the inclination to ask themselves.”

I spoke to the wonderful Laura Storm on her 'Cracks of Light' podcast about leadership, the fast developing peace-building initiatives around the world, and what we can all do individually to foster peace in our communities as part of my #BusinessPlan4Peace

You can find the episode here (click image)

Learn more about 'The Business Plan for Peace' here:

- The Cracks of Light Podcast uncovers ideas for a new, thriving paradigm from some of the world’s leading thinkers. New Leadership. New Ideas. New Business Models. New Design. New Systems -


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