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Scilla Elworthy - 22 Dec 2018


Here’s what I sent as a written complaint to the BBC on 20 Dec:

“The Briefing Room programme on climate change on R4 this evening was welcome, but FAR TOO RARE. Our entire population needs to be woken up to the emergency the planet faces; it is now we have to act, not at some time in the future. I formally request you to run a series of educational programmes, children's programmes, women's programmes, dramas, music and arts series, THAT WILL WAKE US UP! This must include showing details of what any individual can do, to minimise emissions, use less fuel, eat local grown...







Dana Amma-Day

Gosh how the tide is turning. Thank you for stepping up Scilla. x


Ralph Pettingill

Thank you @Scilla Elworthy . Our BBC has been such a symptom of our confused response to so many of the increasingly pressing crises we're facing. I'm looking forward to us making it accountable and truly response-able.

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