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- 13 Jul 2018


Taken from Paul Mason News Twitter

As the UK. protests Trump today - remember @BorisJohnson's leaked comment: "method in his madness" - Paul Mason's decoder as follows 1/...

2/ Trump threatened to walk away from NATO. He falsely accused Germany of being controlled by Russia. His ambo ti Berlin is stoking support for far right...

3/ Then Trump arrives in U.K. and a) backs islamophobic attack on @SadiqKhanb) backs Boris for PM c) attacks May Brexit plan

4/ Next he will fly to Russia and do a Kim-style reconciliation with Putin. None of it is madness; it is the methodical breakup of EU as a great Power arena for USA and Russia...

5/ Trump is not just destroying rules-based multilateral order; he is *destroying global order* to reconfigure it around US isolationism. None of these are gaffes. It's a planned tirade of insults to convey intent

6/ Much though I dislike May she's the PM - she's being publicly destroyed by Trump/Johnson/Murdoch to install a pro-Trump Tory leader and make the U.K. a wrecking ball in Europe

7/ the ppl who should really feel insecure are Ukraine, Estonia, Sweden - if Europe can't outline a common foreign policy response to Trump, Putin will begin his moves in Baltic/Black Sea

8/ What you are seeing Trump do is not a mistake - it is the injection of chaos into a rules based order; many European elites completely unprepared - France probably better than most

9/ Labour, SNP/Plaid have to stand ready to bring down May and resist installation of hard Brexit Govt by US diplomatic power. Tories no longer party of rules-based global system ...

10/ Good luck today: every scrawled banner and pathetic t-shirt is an affirmation of humanity against the evil Trump, Putin and the other klepto-authoritarians are spreading across the world.



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