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Pete Lawrence - 22 Sep 2016


Brilliant, poignant video highlighting the sense of desperation many people are feeling trying to find the money for their own education



Karen Hiorns

Brilliant documentary by Ken Loach with Jeremy Corbyn talking to ordinary everyday people who have something to say about their experiences of life and how the neo-liberal political system has failed them. Lots of really valid points raised and a chance for Jeremy Corbyn to explain how he would do things differently. On a more personal note, it was good that somebody talked about the role of carers and the fact that full time carers looking after a disabled family member receive such a small amount of money to live on (Carers Allowance) which I might add is actually deducted from the disabled person's allowance. As a full time carer for my mother, who has suffered with disability for over 30 years, it was good to be acknowledged. I wish that everybody would watch this film. It gave me some hope.

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