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Campfire Voice - 23 Dec 2018


George Monbiot talks with Peter Macfadyen about issues relation to mental health, the toxic celebrity culture and how best to create stronger and happier communities. Please share and help us to create a happier society.


 'How do we create positive change?' event heralded the emergence of a national mass movement regenerating via the Labour Party and suggested that each we have a duty to make use of it.

Whatever you think of the particular personalities involved and whatever you think about particular policies and positions that it has taken, what we see happening here in the Labour grass roots is a national mass movement regenerating once more, through which there is the potential – not always fulfilled as yet and there is a long, long way to go – to start articulating a whole load of the things we are interested in." 

The evening, which attracted hundreds of attendees, also featured @Peter Macfadyen (Flatpack Democracy, Frome) Suzi Martineau (Tree Conference) and Wendy Stephenson (Converging World) and conversations ranged from alienation to the deadening forces of of celebrity culture, connecting beyond our natural social group to building the "fourth sector of the economy" - the commons.  There was discussion of local issues and campaigning too, from Frome's Tree Conference (Campfire were a partner) to the Save Hamilton House initiative in Bristol. 


George Monbiot and Friends Part two in a series of four videos

Anson rooms, Bristol 11th October 2018

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Part 1 - introduction from Peter Macfadyen

Part 2 - George talks to Peter -

Part 3 - Wendy , Suzi and live Q and A   -

George Monbiot and Friends - Full talk


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