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Pete Lawrence - 07 Apr 2018


Frome Green councillor Shane Collins spoke outside Sainsburys today at a lobby for supermarkets to reduce plastic usage.

Collins described it as "a plastic crisis that is rapidly becoming apparent in the last few months. We're seeing nano-particles in the sea, in the rivers, in the air, in foodstuffs, in fish.

We need a big change and in Somerset in about five months, we have seen many local councils banning single-use plastics on their property 

We're starting to see the cafés really turn green and even the government are starting to consult on plastic bottles and on a plastic tax.

It's time for the public who are cheesed off by this come back to the biggest culprit of all - the supermarkets...

Plastic may be cheap, it may be convenient but it is not needed and not necessary and there are other alternatives

So we're here hopefully on the first Saturday of every month to return the plastic and say 'Bring it Back to Sainsburys"




satkartar Kennedy

Great stuff Frome!!! Yup, plastic is a real concern...acc to Asc masters channel a few years ago it can kill off humanity! Its coming through the food chain so a good possiblity now.


Kimm Fearnley

Great protest! I think we all need one but we also need to stop using it. It’s SO hard to make these changes, I try and often forget, to take my own bags out with me and find myself buying things that can’t be recycled. I am trying to buy glass bottles of things and make changes. It’s overwhelming sometimes to look around my house and see how many things are plastic! Speakers, food processor, fridge drawers, bits in my car . . So far to go.
Well done Frome. X


Daniel Dobbie

Stand up and be heard .. actually go and tell people about social environmental issues face to face !! Wow!! apparently that's what people used to do before Mobile phones .. so why do Demos like this seem such a rariety in today's fast moving world?

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